Candlelight Vigil Held for Victims of Deadly Crash Last Month in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- The Electric City traded in its namesake electricity for candlelight Thursday.

It was in the honor of the victims of a deadly crash last month that claimed the life of an eight-year-old girl and sent her mother and 6-year-old sister to the hospital with severe injuries.

The vigil was held at the North Scranton Little League field since one of the players, Yensen Pedraza, 12, is the cousin of the two young girls.

The vigil was held to honor the memory of the one victim, Andrea Morales, 8, and pray for healing for the other victims, a six-year-old girl, and their mother. They were all involved in the horrific crash on the North Scranton Expressway on Sunday, June 25th.

"Very emotional, we just want the family to get better, to have the support of our community here at little league and the North Scranton community, we're here to support them in any way," said Rosemarie Bohenek, one of the parents. "But their main request for us is prayer, so prayer vigil it is, and we're happy to do that for the family."

"I was very grateful because people that you wouldn't think that they do this and will do it and it`s unexpected," expressed Pedraza, the cousin of the victims.

Just two days after the crash, Pedraza dedicated his game balls to his aunt and cousins after pitching a near-perfect game. He also hit a home run during that very game -- drawing emotionally charged cheers from the crowd.

"I knew Yensen for a couple years now, and when I saw him hit that home run the other day, I saw him and I saw him praying when he was pitching and I was like oh, he has to win this game and they did," said Caesar Agosto, a friend of Pedraza.

"I'm very proud because he was sad and how he played the game, it was very good," added Jayshaliz Pedraza, Yensen's sister.

The cause of that crash in Scranton remains under investigation.