Candidate for Township Supervisor Facing Sex Assault Charges in the Poconos

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BARRETT TOWNSHIP -- Police in Monroe County have charged a Cresco man with numerous sexual assault charges after a report on the Fourth of July.

According to Pocono Mountain Regional Police, they received a report of a 15-year-old girl being sexually assaulted by Jay Perrine, 27, of Cresco.

Perrine was on the ballot this past May as a candidate for a Barrett Township Supervisor spot.

Police say two separate incidents occurred with the minor at a cabin in the township.

He is now facing multiple charges related to that sex assault in Monroe County.


  • BluEmu


    Can someone please tell me what has happened to the world? It seems that there is no less than 2 new deviants reported, every day, and it just keeps escalating.

    • Commonsense

      Sadly these are the ones who got caught, and prob 100 to 1 go unreported because its generally a person these kids trust and are scared to turn in. Its a sad sick world, n pa prob ranks way up for these type of sickos, i work in a prison and want to smash everyone of them in face. Even worse fact, they have better health care and stress free lives than us once in state custody it is sickening if u knew how well they are treated, not by me though im not giving in to the compassionate liberals.

  • Tom

    People would still vote for him. They voted for Trump, right? “So what. Doesn’t make him a bad guy”. That’s what they said. Trump’s victim was 13.

  • Comment of the Day

    Wow about time they expose the corruption! Monroe County must be having a heck of Day! I’m sure we’ll see more to come!

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