Sweet Corn Season Pushed Back 2-3 Weeks

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EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP--The Lewisburg Farmers' Market on Fairground Road was packed with people looking for fresh produce.  One thing shoppers looked for is sweet corn.

"We love corn, we are having pork chops, so we got corn to have with our pork chops tonight," Kira Whitaker said.

But something people noticed when they found the corn was the size.

"They're smaller this year.  Not as big as what they normally are," Whitaker said.

"It's not as big as it usually is but it's early in the season yet.  They'll get some bigger stuff," Bruce Emery said.

Several stands are selling sweet corn at the Lewisburg Farmers' Market. But Debbie Kohl of Kohl's Market says this year's crop is about two or three weeks behind schedule.  She has corn at her farm in Northumberland, and says it will be much bigger in a few weeks.

"We keep telling them wait until August, that's the better time," Kohl said.

Kohl says usually around this time of year they bring around 1,800 ears of corn to the farmer's market.  But this week they were only able to bring around 600.

"We're not getting as much because it's cold at night.  Sweet corn takes heat and we haven't had that at night," Kohl said.

One item that farmers do have enough of, but which is much more expensive, is oranges.  Wilford Haupt of Haupt's Produce Farm in Paxinos says that's because of fires in California.

"I'd have to say about 50% more than what they normally would be.  That's a lot.  Everybody wants to make lemonade and orangeade so they're paying it," Haupt said.

Some items that farmers say are doing great are blueberries, strawberries and cherries.

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