PA Turnpike Commission Offers Amnesty for Habitual Toll-Shirkers

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HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is offering amnesty to drivers who have unpaid tolls before the new law kicks in.

Officials with the Turnpike say more than 10,000 drivers have racked up 17 million dollars in unpaid tolls.

The law — which goes into effect August 1st — gives the state the authority to suspend the registration of state drivers who consistently blow through the EZ Pass lanes and never pay their tolls.

The Turnpike says if toll evaders pay up now, they can have all additional fees waived.


  • wedontcareaboutturdkeyhillrobberiesanymore

    I believe thats called robbery. Why aren’t they arrested as if they stole from something,anything, else? the way…another Turdkey Hill was robbed.

  • Ed Bondy

    Another vague law that means nothing . If you are related or friends with some political scum you won’t be punished . If you are not ‘ hooked up ‘ you will pay . Make a law that says you pay the fine period. Take the ‘ authority ‘ away from the so called authorities.


    At 10,000 drivers that’s $1,700 each. Why aren’t they in jail? Where else could you steal that much from a business and get away with it? Ridiculous.

    • Are you kidding!?!

      It’s like trying to find illegal aliens. It’s just too hard. Yet, don’t pay your taxes, they will have no trouble finding you.

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