Locals Wondering What’s On West Mountain in Scranton

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SCRANTON --  There have been mounting questions about what is going on West Mountain in Scranton. Crews are working on hundreds of acres of land which are visible to the valley below.

Construction on PP&L's summit sub station along Keyser avenue and extending up West Mountain is underway.

PP&L says the work covers 250 acres of land in the area, but the sub station itself will only cover 8 acres.

"I've really been wondering what it's going to look like when it's finished. They've torn down a ton of trees so that kind of concerns me, just because, I mean, trees are beautiful," said Amy Zielinski of Scranton.

Officials didn't know of any plans to replant as of yet but said trees can't be planted close to the sub station for security reasons.

"Well, hopefully, it will grow back. I don't know. Maybe our electricity will be cheaper," said Margaret Collis of Lake Ariel.

The plan for the new sub station is to improve reliability and give PP&L officials more options to re-route power if there is an outage.

Many people in the area wish the project could be completed without leaving such a big footprint.

"Nor am I an engineer, but I was in construction for 27 years and it seems like they can replant some things and make it less of an eyesore. It's very invasive and takes away the pictures of looking at the mountains from the valley here," said Roy Gilgallon of Paupack Township.

The project should be finished some time later this year.


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