Thousands of Chickens Block Austrian Highway

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AUSTRIA — A truck crash involving a sleepy driver and 7,500 chickens caused chaos in Austria on Tuesday after the birds blocked part of a highway.

The accident occurred on the A1 highway near the city of Linz.

The driver of the truck transporting the chickens admitted to falling into “a second-long sleep” during which he veered right and collided with a bridge pillar, Franz Rockenschaub, of Highway Police Inspection Haid, told CNN.

The chickens were set to be killed for food, having laid eggs for some time. The company behind the venture has not been named.

In the aftermath of the crash, some of the birds were exposed and made their break for freedom, escaping from the vehicle.

Rockenschaub said “thousands” of them ran onto the highway and authorities were forced to close a section of the road because of heavy traffic and the presence of gawkers.

It was then the job of 120 firefighters to get the chickens that survived the crash back into the truck. Some chickens were killed in the accident, but no human injuries were reported.


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    Kudos to WNEP for not including “A random person says this is because of Donald Trump”

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    Wow wnep hits a heights of stupid! Showing stories about chickens from austria that now have to be destroyed because of an accident a ka-zillion miles away??!! Why not share historical stories of the birth of our great nation on this Independence Day to fill in the gaps since you all do minimal reporting on weekends and holidays?

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