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Stocking Up on Fireworks in the Poconos

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Packed up in big bags or being rolled out by the cart full, fireworks were the main purchases for many people at Odd Lot Outlet near Marshalls Creek.

"It's nice. I enjoy it mostly for the kids and you know I have family coming up from New York so they will enjoy it," said Ryan Clarkson, East Stroudsburg.

Shaina Marangoni is from New York State. She came here to take advantage of the state law that allows people from outside Pennsylvania to buy larger fireworks.

"Well, my boyfriend is in the Army so we got some things that are Army related. We got some smoke bombs, a bunch of little firecrackers. I am so excited," said Shaina Marangoni of Riverhead, New York.

State law stops Pennsylvania residents from buying larger fireworks without a permit. The law is why Ryan Clarkson from East Stroudsburg was picking up smaller festive lights before heading to his families lake house.

"I understand it. These can set fire to the woods. There are a lot of trees around here. But these are just for the kids, and the sparklers, the fountains, they will still enjoy it," said Clarkson.

People who were out buying fireworks tell us they like this outlet because not only do they sell the big fireworks, but they also have small ones that won't scare little kids. They also know there will be a good selection because even on the Fourth of July, they were still bringing in fireworks by the truckloads.

"There's a lot here, a lot. I don't even know what to get sometimes. It's too much of an option," said Anthony Duran from New York.

The owner of the outlet expects to be busy with fireworks sales until the end of the week.