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Reporter Crashes BBQs with just a Plastic Fork and Microphone

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KINGSTON TOWNSHIP -- With just a plastic fork, a microphone, and a photographer, we sent Newswatch 16's Carolyn Blackburne on a mission to crash a few Fourth of July barbecues in Luzerne County.

First, she approached the Torres family barbecue.

"A little barbecue with the family. We got some got some hamburgers almost ready to be eaten. We got some chicken," Johnny Torres said.

Before you could say, "Come and get it," Carolyn had the invite to dig in.

Next up, Carolyn crashed the Rinehimer family reunion.

"Some baked potatoes, burgers, and hot dogs," Bill Rinehimer said. "It's our 20th annual Rinehimer reunion today."

With 20 years of experience celebrating the Fourth with food on the grill, Carolyn knew she was in for something good.

"It's the moment of truth, here we go," Carolyn said as she and Bill began to chow down on a cheeseburger.


After that, Carolyn was going to crash the annual Schotwell family reunion, but they were already waiting for Newswatch 16.

"When you saw our car did you know what was going to happen next?" Carolyn asked.

"Yeah, pretty much.  Usually, everyone runs and hides, but today they kind of stuck around," Tim Thubborn said.

You could definitely say the family was well prepared for them, even with a special family recipe!

"Well, I've got to say, two hot dogs and one cheeseburger later and it was pretty successful day. We hope you all have a great happy Fourth of July," Carolyn said.


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