Despite Concerns over Cost of Fireworks Show, Bloomsburg Fourth of July Celebration a Go

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BLOOMSBURG -- A community in Columbia County celebrated the Fourth of July,  but a key element of the festivities is becoming a cause for financial concern.

Bloomsburg officials say it's becoming more difficult for the town to afford its fireworks display.

Fireworks lit up the sky over the Bloomsburg Town Park as folks packed in for the Fourth of July celebration. Many are lifelong residents of the town and say this event is a source of town pride.

“The show fantastic. I've been in some large cities and for a small town, they put on a fantastic show, and it gives the people an opportunity to get out in the community,” said Dave Fetterman.

“I think it's nice, the music here, the atmosphere, the food stands, everything, Fourth of July, family, and friends,” said Gregg McKee.

“The town, everybody just gets together and watch the fireworks and have a good time, listen to the band,” said Angela McKee.

And while the fireworks display is a key element of any Fourth of July festivities, Bloomsburg officials say it's becoming a financial concern on whether the town can continue to afford the show.

Bloomsburg Councilman Fred Trump says $8,500 was included in the town's budget to pay for the fireworks. Council was hoping for money from donors or sponsors, but that did not happen. Still, Trump says the show must go on.

“I think this year is especially important that fireworks be held,” said Trump. “We have a lot of soldiers who fought in all kinds of wars. We think it's important, and it's money well spent.”

Bloomsburg officials say if outside funding isn't offered for the fireworks, then council will have to decide whether to include money for them in the town's budget for next year.

“If it's $8,500 and we have over 10,000 residents that are taxpayers, that's $2 a year to watch the fireworks per family,” said Diane Levan with the Town Park Improvement Association. “I don't think that's too much to ask.”



    I do not know much about blooms fire works, its a good 30 miles and worlds away from Frackville. Frackville as a reporter on the street I could tell you it was a wonderful display! I bet feet modeling my long grey socks, Fire department or North Schuylkill Sports half shirt and 1986 style jean shorts all night long. But the problem was I was not the only one. I had a lot of competition! Word is that Facebook has some highlights, i need to check this out.

    • Huggy

      A town like Frackville can fund fireworks but Bloomsburg can’t? Bad day for Bloomsburg. But it doesn’t make Frackville respectable beyond their pizza and hot wings.

  • redneck

    More than that gets embezzled from the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds each year. Funny how other towns 1/4 the size of Bloomsburg can still put on a great show…

  • Marcello

    Not enough job johnnies at frackvilles fire works. It seemed like the line to go boom was bigger than the line for the party at Franky’s Cave. Going pants shopping today.

  • wedontgiveacrapaboutturdkeyhillrobberiesanymore

    I live here. Dont need to pay for alot of fireworks. We like them but will manage in life without. Oh…by the way…another Turdkey Hill was robbed.

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