Teen Pleads Guilty for Deadly Stabbing in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- A high-school student accused of stabbing another teen to death after an argument on Facebook has pleaded guilty.

Cathleen Boyer, 17, entered a guilty plea to third degree murder on Monday.

Police say Boyer stabbed Kayla VanWert, 18, last year during a fight on McKenna Court in Scranton. VanWert died at the hospital.


  • CeeMe

    This guy probably wasn’t worth a second look, let alone killing someone over and jail time. A hard lesson to learn, but I hope you learned it. No guy is worth this. Straighten up and fly right.

  • El Ma

    Great. FaceBook began with every good intention. It has now grown into the most narcissistic and sociopathic venue imaginable.

    When did this kind of behavior become acceptable? When I was this young woman’s age, cat-fighting over boys or any other matter was absolutely NOT appropriate. Now, it seems that every young girl wants to fight over “her man (13 y/o kid?),” or bully someone via social media or text messaging.

    All of this in spite of getting “more information” out there about bullying, etc.?! Nope – we’re going to the devil in a basket, and it’s almost like the era before every great nation or empire collapsed. Morals, ethics, decorum, and basic manners have gone right out the window.

    Another resident at one of Pennsylvania’s Correctional Resort Motels. Just great.

  • RicU.

    Beyond the tragic loss of life, notice how the negotiating power of a potential death sentence saved the accused a lot of time in jail and the taxpayers a lot of tax dollars.

    • Just a girl

      It was a slam dunk. There were multiple people in attendance. It was a fight over a bf. This girl was loosing so she stabbed her. What’s sad is that everyone left her there and he brother came, picked her body up off the ground and took her to the hospital. If she didn’t stab this girl it was just a matter of time before she did it to someone else. These girl have no self esteem, no self worth, and cannot see beyond their noses.

    • MaebyYoullknow

      She wouldn’t receive the death penalty, due to her age life is the maximum allowed, Supreme Court ruled on this. The death penalty has actually not much of a crime deterrent unfortunately.

      • El Ma

        The last time that a Pennsylvania death warrant was carried out was in 1999.

        Although this State does provide for the death penalty, it’s never done. Ever.

        Another life snuffed out for absolutely NO good reason or excuse. Keep her in prison until she’s 85.

      • Chuck

        Death sentence is not much of a deterrent. It is because of how appeals are done after a death sentence. It allows the death sentence to just be a punishment by mouth but not an actual punishment served. I think if actual death sentences were streamlined and performed it actually might be a deterrent. Ask George banks about the sanctity of life. No death sentence there. It disgusts me. Judges should jay say life sentence.

      • El Ma

        Well………..it probably might have helped this gal to have had a family that cared and actually guided her to teach her what was expected as a productive member of society. I have no doubt that this young woman had no guidance, no boundaries, no consequences, and no hope of being anything other than what she will now be labeled as for the rest of her life.

        What a world…..

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