Mother Pleads Guilty to Abuse of Corpse After Newborn Dies

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OLD LYCOMING TOWNSHIP — A mother will spend time behind bars in Lycoming County in connection with the death of her newborn child.

Chesney Wheeler, 38, pleaded guilty to abuse of corpse and tampering with evidence.

Investigators said earlier this year, Wheeler gave birth to a baby prematurely at her home near Williamsport.

Police say she drove to a hospital in Wilkes-Barre and claimed she had a miscarriage. Hospital staff suspected she wasn’t being truthful.

Officers in Wilkes-Barre found the newborn’s body inside a box in Wheeler’s car.

Wheeler later told police she knew the baby was dead when she delivered it, but she didn’t call 911 or go to a local hospital because she was afraid her recent drug use would be discovered.

On Monday, Wheeler was sentenced to 20 months to four years in state prison.


  • Eljohnson

    Apparently you guys don’t know much about the law and definitely don’t know her. First, she didn’t kill the baby, if she did she would of been charged whether the baby died from the drugs or died when delivered. She has 3 other kids that are perfectly fine and healthy. For God sake y’all act like your perfect. Just cuz you didn’t use drugs or put a dead baby in a box, doesn’t mean your any better. For the ones that are Christian and wanna judge her, well practice what you preach. Remember God don’t like ugly

    • El Ma

      What this woman should have done was to take herself and the fetus to the emergency room, immediately.

      I find it truly fascinating that people use the “report comment” option whenever they read something that they disagree with. “…put a dead baby in a box…” is probably the most horrid description of handling human remains that I can think of, at the moment. Dead baby. Just like that. Dead squirrel, dead baby.

      This is how our culture and society has gone. Yay.

    • El Ma

      This woman pleaded guitly to “abuse of a corpse,” regardless of what she claimed she did. In order for a Court to accept her plea, her attorney must make certain that she is aware of what the charges are, and what they mean.

      This woman has no moral compass, whatsoever, and serving 20 months to 4 years for her crime seems pretty minimal given the gross indifference that she has clearly exhibited.

    • Mickey Bag of Shamrock's

      Put her out of her misery and stop giving opiate reversal drugs to people who under-dose. If you come across a junkie who looks like they need help… It’s because they DO. So carry around some extra smack and administer a 5 bag shot to those in need. Why we fix things backwards is beyond me.. Oh, and stuff 5-10 ativan down their gullet. It helps with letting go.. These people want nirvana so HELP a junkie out. Geeeez!

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