Back to Work on the Third?

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SCRANTON -- With Independence Day falling on a Tuesday, a lot of people are considering Monday as a holiday, but not everyone.

It's the same old grind for men and women on Saint Ann's Street on Scranton's west side.

The old pavement is getting chewed up, and new pavement will follow. And yes, they get the fourth off.

Of course, fireworks are a big part of the week, and if you're going to sell them, you might as well start early.

A tent along the O'Neil Highway in Dunmore opened at 7 a.m. on Monday, July 3.

"There is always some last-minute shoppers, so the last two to three days before the fourth are typically the busiest," said Tom Strackbein of Bursting Bombs Fireworks.

Strackbein adds the tents have to do things better and earlier because brick and mortar stores have been eating into their business.

It wouldn't be an Independence Day celebration without food. John's Corn, along with Business Route 6 in Dickson City also opened early Monday morning.

Rather than relaxing, the staff here is unloading and displaying freshly picked produce.

Kristin Flowers, from John's Corn, says, "We tend to have a lot of regular customers, but a lot of out of town visitors as well."

The workers here know their friends will be out having fun, while they're on the job.

"I would rather be here than at a lake or at a pool. Why? It's more fun. " says Marissa Doty, from John's Corn.

In case you're wondering, tomatoes and corn are the big sellers, especially at this time of year.

To wash it all down, beer. Business at Brew House in Peckville started picking up over the weekend. The owner expects suds sales to stay strong through the fourth.

"Some of them like their domestics, their imports. Some like their craft beers. Some like their singles, all kind of beers," said Owner Bobby Parchinski, the Brew House.

The coolers in the front room are stocked, and so are the coolers in the back.

Parchinski says if this fourth is like the others, he'll be selling plenty of beer until the holiday is over.


  • International Harvester

    I work 7 days a week 365 days a year because as a farmer somebody has to feed you people


    working today was awesome. modeling all day long collecting cans with fireworks in town tonight. people complain about the frackville heat but 79 on the broad mountain is nothing really, child’s play.

    • Marcello

      Do you know if they’ll at least have job johnnies at the frackville fireworks? Not enough people consider the fact the people have to go and the booms i want to see are in the skies. I’d hate to stain my sweats

  • Lance

    Yeah i workwd today. Less people at the offices. Relaxed atmosphere. But roads were filled with out of staters stopping to look at every bush tree and squirrel. Don’t these people have homes?

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