Schirmer Denied New Trial for Second Wife’s Murder

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STROUDSBURG -- Convicted murderer and former pastor Arthur Schirmer has been denied his appeal to get a new trial.

Schirmer was convicted in 2013 of killing his second wife Betty in July 2008. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Schirmer filed an appeal for a new trial, citing ineffective counsel and prosecutorial misconduct, among other claims.

Monroe County President Judge Margherita Patti Worthington denied Schirmer's petition.

Arthur Schirmer had served as a pastor at Reeders United Methodist Church in the Poconos.

Schirmer was also sentenced to at least 20 years in prison for killing his first wife Jewel back in 1999.


  • Robert Hudson

    “I don’t know” is all you really needed to type, Tom. Shirmer is easily guilty. The car they were in didn’t suffer enough of the right type of damage to have killed anyone in the vehicle let alone his wife. The whole thing was faked.

  • Tom Fuller

    I didn’t know Shirmer, but I’ll bet you five bucks he was a theological liberal. Liberal clergy believe nothing miraculous happened in Jesus’ life. The Bible is not authoritative. Therefore, God does not hold any authority over one’s life. Authority is found primarily in our culture’s feelings and urges. Back when America was more-or-less a “Christian nation,” we didn’t lock our doors at night. Even self-centered pagans benefitted, though no liberal will ever admit it. Now that we are basically a “progressive” nation, we are raising up generations of conscienceless monsters. With an apology to monsters.

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