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Two People Dead After Crash in Dallas Township

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DALLAS TWP. -- Two people were killed when the car they were in slammed into a tree Saturday in Luzerne County

The wreckage of the car was pulled from the tree on Kunkle Road near Dallas.

Officials say a male and female died. Their names have not been released.

Investigators tell Newswatch 16 the vehicle was headed from the Harveys Lake area toward Dallas around 5 p.m. Saturday.

"When everyone first arrives on scene the road is still wet, so they would've been driving right through that heavy downpour out here," Dallas Township Police Chief Robert Jolley said

The road was closed for a while after that deadly wreck in Luzerne County.



  • wake up!!!

    Why do some of you keep saying ‘accidents happen, accidents happen, accidents happen’? They don’t just happen – a series of events put into action by our negligence and indiscretion is what causes a collision. An accident is when you are sitting at a stop sign and a deer runs into the side of your car. This was no accident – a combination of excessive speed for conditions and a poorly maintained vehicle caused this collision. A collision that did not have to happen. Watch the video, the tire was bald! Doesn’t matter if an animal ran out in front of them – bald tires and heavy rain will get you every time. We have money for cell phones, cigarettes, tattoos, and booze, but not tires? What a waste of young life, wake up people!

  • Huntress

    People shouldn’t act like they never made a mistake–including mistakes while driving. No one is perfect. Even if it was driver error it’s a still tragedy that people’s lives abruptly ended. Don’t pretend you’ve never made a mistake. The only difference is your mistake wasn’t fatal. Count your blessings and thank God your error didn’t cost you your life. There by the Grace of God go you.

    So sad. Rest in peace.

  • Archie Beal

    No doubt speeding and probably boozed coming from the lake. Vehicles driven at a reasonable rate of speed no matter what the weather conditions are do not go off the road and get wrapped around a tree like that.

  • Justamom

    For all anyone knows it could have been an animal or another car that caused the car to go off the road. It’s so painfully obvious that some of you have never experienced the loss of a loved one to a car accident.

  • Amanda

    You people need to get some respect and manner too families just lost there babies and your going to sit here and discuss weather or not her tires were bald get a life and have a heart if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all

    • get a grip

      Yes Amanda, let’s just all stick our heads in the sand and all the bad things out there that can kill us will go away. Or, we can accept responsibility for our actions and be proactive and learn from this tragedy. Your call…

  • pot smoker

    Bald tires are a contributor, Speed causes hydroplaning , Intersections also build up an oil slick in periods of no rain from leaking cars and when it finally rains is slick till washed off ( not this case) . Anyone ever see a sign ” slow down save a life ? or is PA DOT wasting that money too>

  • Jlynn

    My heart goes out to the families, my condolences.
    WNEP why do you have the license plate exposed? If the police haven’t released names,do you think maybe the police haven’t found next of kin yet too? I wouldn’t want to find out this way!

    • cruel but true

      What difference does it make? Because it’s much easier to find out by the local or state police knocking on your door? Because I know junior drives a bright yellow car – but I can’t see the license plate and now I don’t know if It’s my kid or not? I’m willing to bet this was all over Farcebook long before WNEP released any names.

  • Stephanie

    Maybe we don’t need to assume they were speeding or had bad tires. Maybe we should just feel bad for the two people who lost their lives, and their friends and family left behind. We have no idea what happened and it’s sad that you’re assuming it was their fault. Accidents happen. Driving in the rain can cause accidents whether they had bald tires or not, speeding or not. Why is the blame game necessary?

    • Just a girl

      Your absolutely right. It’s not hard to loose control of a car in the rain or on slippery roads. I myself did a 180 in an Infiniti w rear wheel drive back in the late 90’s while exiting off a highway. I wasn’t going to fast and I wasn’t intoxicated, it was a freak occurrence. Thank god no one was behind me.

      • get a grip

        I’ve put a million collective miles on all kinds of rear-wheel drive cars and trucks in all kinds of weather and I have never lost control. You were either going too fast for conditions or over-compensated when the back end stepped out on you.

    • Eric Barton

      You’re right we don’t have to assume. That tire in the video they were taking pictures of was completely bald. Bald tires in rain and you will lose control.

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