Police File Charges in Scranton Rock-Throwing Case

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SCRANTON -- Police have filed charges against two teens for throwing rocks from a bridge damaging cars in Scranton.

Two drivers told investigators their cars were hit Wednesday night while driving under the Railroad Bridge on East Market Street.

Surveillance cameras captured the two juveniles on video, which helped officers track them down in Scranton.


  • michele

    i don’t believe the kids realized the dangers of doing so… when we were kids I remember going over a bridge and trying to throw a rock on the top of trucks under us. we didn’t realize what damages we cold cause, nor the people we can hurt very badly. I am really embarrassed about what we did, not realizing at the time it was very dangerous to those driving… we just wanted to see who can get more rocks ontop of the trucks. it is now becoming more common and more parents are aware and to tell teach there kids of the severity.

  • Judge Dredd

    Publicly execute… No appeal. Make an example that no one challenges the central government.

    • I'm out of here!

      Put a dome over the United States of America. I’m moving to Iceland! I need a pure, clean society. I can’t take this ghetto thug, poverty stricken, illegal immigrant, corrupt, crime ridden country we call America anymore! Don’t worry folks, I WON’T let the door hit me in the azz. If it does, it’ll only get me to Iceland faster!

      • TypicalLiberal

        Clearly you are just racist. If you don’t blindly agree with liberal policy and accept your place beneath those you mentioned… racist!

    • coal crackers

      Yes I do. Go into the Vo-tech woods. The pedo street roamers are using the bricks for some kind of jogging pants sex chamber. I’m not sure what that means, but the bricks are in the woods. Just be careful!

  • Huggy

    Frackville had this problem with kids throwing rocks at I-81. Construction workers had to take a BB gun from a youngster once. Dunno, maybe the roamers made them pay for walking through the woods??

      • Huggy

        They don’t trust wild youths as they’re susceptible to a depantsing since they often wear tight sweatpants


    what kind of charges do you file against a kid who most likely has no job to pay the fine. Make them clean up the graffiti that the other loosers did and let them feel the frustration we feel about their type

  • Time4Justice

    Well I hope this time justice is served. The last time those kids got away with it. Their sentence was nothing. I am so tired of kids doing criminal acts and mommy and daddy bail them out and they walk away feeling no responsibility. If that was me (although I wouldn’t dare because I had common sense and feared for my life) my parents would have beat the living crap out of me. I had respect for other people. My parents knew where I was. I certainly wasn’t hanging out with my friends on bridges throwing rocks at cars!!! My parents actually talked to people in our neighborhood, on our block, and everyone knew each other. If I did something wrong, I took responsibility for it. I paid by debt. Kids today have no respect and no responsibility. I blame the parents and society. Hey everyone, get off your darn iPhones and spend some quality time with your kids. Maybe they won’t grow up to be hoodlums throwing rocks at cars!

      • think positive

        Talking about how responsible and respectful we were in our youth doesn’t mean squat to the youth of today. Maybe they do know their fathers and/or mothers, and maybe they don’t. What is apparent is that they are a problem in their own community. They don’t care about the very people they co-exist with. They don’t value human life. They are now Society’s Big Problem.

      • sign of the times

        Agreed. This is how they’ve lived for decades in the inner city ghettos. Now we see it first-hand because they’ve moved into our respectable, rural communities. Question is, what can we do about it? Answer, nothing.

      • Givemeabreak

        I know plenty of hillbilly, white trash scum that have done the same even worse. The last rock throwers that caused the brain damage to that poor lady were white. If only things were as simple as black and white or city versus country people but it’s not. Bad people are born and raised in all areas.

      • Givemeabreak

        You just wanted to brag about how you are so fancy and live in a respectable rural community that is better than all those white ghetto people. You think your special :D because of where you live away from all those whites in the ghetto. Hahahah.

      • i_see_hypocrites

        @signofthetimes newsflash, the rock-throwers that givemeabreak is speaking of isn’t “inner city” white trash either…rural trash, good ‘ol home grown boys..wake-up and get a clue..more at least half the stories on here all have to do with home grown criminals.

    • Sam I Am

      Well I hope this time justice is served. The last time those kids got away with it. Their sentence was nothing.

      I Am Not sticking up for them, but do you have inside information that obviously was not in this story.

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