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Students Finally Out for Summer Following Month-Long Strike

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DALLAS--- As we prepare for the Fourth of July weekend, it's hard to believe some students were preparing for their last day of school on Friday.

It's been a relatively rocky road to the last day of school for students in the Dallas School District.  Their last day was pushed back by a month-long teacher strike.

"I just have friends that have the kids and I just felt bad that they had to go this long," Sherry Hann of Dallas said.
This June 30 dismissal comes after teachers were on strike for more than a month last November because teachers and the school board could not come to an agreement on salary, health care, and early retirement.
"Well, I feel bad for the parents who had to figure out where to put the kids all this time when they were trying to work. I just wish that the teachers could settle that it would be over with for them," Hann said.
Teachers contract negotiations are scheduled to continue throughout the summer.
Superintendent Thomas Duffy said he is optimistic that come the first day of school in September everything will be running smoothly.
"I think the summer will provide a nice opportunity for some down time, some time for reflection and we'll be back ready to go with our students on September 6th," Duffy said.
He emphasized that up until dismissal on Friday, students were learning in class and making up for lost time because of the strike.
"Faculty and staff have done a nice job of monitoring and adjusting, certainly retooling some of our plans throughout the year," Duffy said.
Newswatch 16 reached out to the teachers union for a comment and did not hear back in time for our report.


  • Kat

    Maybe the students would like to take the whole month of September off and not be penalized at the end of the year! Call it 180 days in good faith!

  • In a galaxy far far away

    Bottom line…it is not about the quality of education…at this we are failing miserably!!! The U.S ranks 17th in educational performance against developed nations. But we have the most expensive education system on earth! Explain this!? We know the Teacher’s union donates $millions to politicians who allow this to happen! Strikes should not be allowed during the school year but enough politicians were bought off to prevent this. It is about maintaining benefits that the private sector has lost years ago. Property owners can just bend over and grab your ankles with every strike!

  • 1 + 1 = 3

    Teachers contribute union dues to the PSEA. The PSEA heavily contributes to the campaigns of the state legislators in Harrisburg. The state legislators look the other way on trying to curb teachers strikes. Until this cycle is broken nothing will change.

  • El Ma

    There was a time when teachers spent each school day…………..teaching. Today, they are busy preparing their students for testing. Period. They are also being expected to provide child care for working parents. They are also expected to be teaching and guiding their students on Life, living, morals, and ethics, instead of the parents – they’re too busy at work or posting to FaceBook to actually raise their own children. Teachers are also expected to act as counseling therapists and referees. They are banned from touching any child – to set an unruly child down in a chair by the shoulders, OR to hug a child for a job well done. There are so many policies, rules, and guidelines that there wouldn’t be enough money or benefits in the world to make me want to be a teacher in our contemporary society. The ones that try to fit reading, writing, and arithmetic into their daily preparations face a dreadful uphill battle with policies, expectations, and parents who support lazy, insolent, and whining offspring RATHER than letting their children know that their teachers should be treated with some level of regard.

    This is not to say that I support teachers going out on strike, at all. Then NEA is part and parcel of this whole debacle of what goes on in any given classroom. I don’t know what the answer to this problem is. My belief is that teachers should be educating students – preparing them for colleges or to enter the workforce. Instead, they’re busy doing nothing productive with these kids. When asked, these students cannot identify their own State’s Capitol, how many World Wars have occurred, or how many eggs are in a dozen. Students are being groomed to be drones, and that’s it.

    Then, teachers should remember to be grateful for their salaries and benefits. There was once a time when teachers had to save portions of their own salaries to prepare for retirement. If a contract is more important than the calling to influence and guide students, then it might be that teaching wasn’t the proper choice as a profession. I don’t see grocery store employees going on strike…………….

  • Granny

    Teachers are not losing any thing; still getting paid for their 180 days! It is the poor children who suffer.

  • Larry Stokes

    If they feel the need to strike it should not be permitted during the school year. These people can strike all they want during the months of June July and August, during their summer vacation. That way it doesn’t affect the students.

  • Larry Stokes

    Teachers should have the opportunity to strike. It should not be allowed. They should fall under binding arbitration which striking is not an option, just like the police , prison guards etc. The only people that suffer when teachers strike is the students. Besides these people get paid dam good money and benefits with a lot of time off.

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