Stroudsburg Borough Park Vandalized

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STROUDSBURG -- Usually the skate park on Main Street in Stroudsburg is filled with bikers and skateboarders, but now it sits empty.

Vandals ruined the public play area earlier this week.

Borough officials closed it until further notice.

"It is heartbreaking. It is a disappointment and a loss to the community," said Mary Stuart, Stroudsburg.

The skate park opened in 2005 and has been vandalized in the past.

Mary Stuart was on the committee that helped create the skate park. She's upset to see it damaged, yet again.

"It's a shame that it is closed. It's an excellent outlet for people who want to pursue their passions of skateboarding, rollerblading and BMX biking," said Stuart.

People who live here think it's a shame that these gates have to be locked especially in the summer when this park is usually filled.

"I think it's terrible. Kids want to come here and play and enjoy the day and parents want to be with their kids and you can't do that because people are ruining it for everyone else," said Amanda Taylor-Brodhead, Stroudsburg.

The picnic and pool areas were also damaged. Tables were covered in graffiti and the pavilion had damaged posts.

Officials say the vandals also hopped the pool fence and threw the pool vacuum into the water.

It totaled more than $7,000 worth of damage.

"It's terrible because the good kids that are trying to use it in a positive way it's always the few that ruin it for the others," said Sherry Acevedo, Stroud Region Open Space and Recreation Executive Director.

The pool and park areas are still open to the public.  There is no set time on when the skate park might reopen.


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