River Stone Memories of Montoursville High

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MONTOURSVILLE -- It was almost like Black Friday in Montoursville, all because of some river stone.

People got the chance to take home pieces of the old Montoursville Area High School, which was just torn down.

About 50 people waited in line for the stones that were smoothed over by river water. They're pieces of the old Montoursville Area High School and they were available to take home.

"I went to school here. All my kids went to school here and I just wanted one," said Peggy Miller.

Montoursville area's school board president announced the giveaway a few days ago on social media.

Wayne Harris lives near Wilkes-Barre but was visiting family in Montoursville. He tells Newswatch 16 he was in the right place at the right time.

"I think nostalgia is probably the big thing. I graduated from Montoursville, my wife, my two sons, my daughter in law and my granddaughter," Harris said.

The high school was built in 1931 on North Arch Street in Montoursville. River stone decorated the front of the building. The place was torn down a few weeks ago.

"I'm going to put it in my garden and put a little note on it that it's from the Montoursville High School because I went there," said Luann Tom.

"I got two," said John Garneau. "I had two kids graduate from there. Now they're grown up I thought maybe we'd do something in the backyard."

There wasn't a lot of stone to give out and the people Newswatch 16 spoke with say they wish there was more.

""I thought there would be quite a few more rocks available than what there is," said Harris.

The river stone was gone in less than two minutes.

Crews did bring more river stone a few hours later. The stone is on Cedar Street and available for pickup until it runs out.


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