Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Woman in Schuylkill County

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COALDALE -- Coaldale police have issued an arrest warrant for a woman wanted for a heroin overdose death in Schuylkill County.

Police believe Kayla Leibowitz sold heroin to George Dougherty that led to his death back in March.

Leibowitz will be charged with delivery resulting in death and other drug-related charges, according to a press release issued by Coaldale Police.


  • Mickey Bag of Shamrock's

    When a person dies from HEROIN it is exactly what they are looking for. Their life already sucks. So an overdose is now called correct dosing and survivors are said to have an underexposed. A warrant? I say let her sell on the corner AND, 10 free ativan with every purchase.

    • Mickey Bag of Shamrock's

      That is a tit-tat you fool. Still, same applies but you get 30 days for not knowing a neck from a title.

  • Huggy

    The best defense attorney in the world is right near her in Frackville PA. She should check out Joe Nahas Esq. he has a sweet office on Lehigh Ave. He would have got OJ off any day all day.


    This is a shame. Seems all too common in Schuylkill County. Like I said people need productive hobbies here. I model and collect cans. she should get into modeling, good practice it looks with that duck face in the said picture.

  • white punks on dope

    Speaking as a Caucasian this person does not represent my race – although there are a lot like her out there. White-trash hoe needs to go to jail.

  • Rjelq

    The skook could be worst area in region in USA. . i don’t know what is worse doing drugs or posting hundreds of vacation or kids pictures all day on facebook. These people from skook need validation and act out as a coping mechanism. Strange place.

  • think about it

    Talk about costs, there’s thousands and thousands of heroin deaths every year. So are we now going to prosecute every dead junkie’s supplier? Does anybody realize THAT cost? That’s a whole lot of very expensive prosecutions isn’t it?

  • In a galaxy far far away

    She will be out in six months. Her Access card will keep collecting her benefits while in jail/rehab! They should make felons who are convicted ineligible for any welfare benefits. Any dealer caught with a predetermined amount of drugs should be executed on public TV to show their fellow drug dealers the consequences of their decision. Someone made a good point…this is like chemical warfare…flood the country with drugs and produce zombies that we have to support, at considerable expense, the rest of their lives! It is like untreated cancer …destroy our country from within! And when they rob, injure, or kill because of their “disease”, it was not their fault! They know where the drugs are coming from, but refuse to take any serious action to stop it.

      • In a galaxy far far away

        I hit a sore spot…obviously you are part of the problem. The key word is you will have to “plant” drugs in my car. I am not week minded as I have had my share of failures, setbacks and losses. I chose to get up and brush my self off instead of feeling sorry for myself and drown in self pity. I have proudly served my country and my family. I have been too strong to fall to drugs as an excuse. I dont buy the disease thing! It is a weakness that is used as an excuse to deal with the real world!

      • Mickey Bag of Shamrock's

        I survived heroin addiction and I agree with dude. Personal Responsibility! Once one steals to get high….. May death have no mercy. Everyone gets ONE strike, ONE. I’ve see enough! EFF them all to DEATH! Sorry, not sorry!

  • chinacat110

    No the problem is our own government allowing this poison to end up on American soil. They have the power to stop it. It’s chemical warfare. Poppy which is where heroin comes from is not grown here. Fentanyl is being made in illicit labs in Mexico and China and sent here. This is where it needs to be stopped. Not the addicts or the street level dealers. That’s a waste of tax dollars.

  • Chuck R

    All the comments about her not forcing it on him.. they’re trying to pass laws state wide to convict people who sell drugs related to deaths. and it’s a good thing.
    Get the dealers of the streets, if it were your kid that died I’m sure you’d want justice.
    Or what? let her free to sell more poison to the populace and kill more people?
    Possibly to your family or friends?

    • Jonas R McCabe

      They throw a dealer in jail another one just take it’s place. Putting the dealer in jail isn’t going to do anything. They need to throw the junkies in jail with long sentences. Give them rehab in jail if they don’t do rehab they don’t get out. We have to stop holding others responsible for the junkies problems. When they get arrested they get a slap on the hand and get put out on the streets again. Only to go right back to the drugs again. We save them when they O.D. they go right back to the drug again. Where does it end? And yes I’ve dealt with this problem my sister and some of my old friends even my niece allhave done it or are still doing it. They’re the problem not the dealer.

  • Jamacin red tip

    Who cares? One more junkie off the street. Get the dealer and another takes a break for a cpl months in jail. More wasted tax dollars

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