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‘Fridays in Lansford’ Aims to Revamp the Community

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LANSFORD -- The Lansford Historical Society is kicking off a new tourism initiative called "Fridays in Lansford."

"Fridays in Lansford" will be a weekly event. Each week, folks in the community are invited to take a tour of the historical society's museum and other landmarks.

"(We want to) bring more people into Lansford to see the rich history that we have here, which is quite incredible," Lansford Historical Society volunteer Bob Perrin said.

Along with the start of the weekly program,  the borough is also launching the community's first ever farmers market with produce from nearby Tamaqua.

"(We are) very excited," Valley Road Farm employee Jill Paea said. "(The borough) is very much trying to promote their town and we`re glad to be part of it."

The historical society also hopes "Fridays in Lansford" will get more Lansford natives interested in the community's history. Coaldale native Bob Fignar and his father stopped by the museum Friday to donated an old boy scout uniform to the museum's collection. He likes the idea of "Fridays in Lansford."

"I think it is a great thing for us in particular because I lived here when I was a small child, but my father, for employment purposes, had to move out of the area," Fignar said. "So, it is good. It gives our family an opportunity to come back up."

To learn more about "Fridays in Lansford," visit the Lansford Historical Society Museum Facebook page.

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  • Commonsense

    Place is scary looking like many coal region communities. Blight with Same high school centric, small minded culture. At least people are trying ! but sociological trends are hard to break.

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