Two Rock-Throwing Incidents in Scranton Under Investigation

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SCRANTON -- Police in Scranton are investigating rock-throwing incidents at two locations in the city.

We talked to a driver who heard a loud bang while driving out of the city on the Central Scranton Expressway Wednesday night. He eventually found out that he wasn't the only one who had his car hit by a flying object and it didn't just happen here.

Chris Arnone thought his experience on his way home Wednesday night on the Central Scranton Expressway was a unique one.

"As I was driving, I heard a very loud bang, I didn't know what it was," said Arnone.

He pulled over and saw a divot and cracked glass in his windshield. Fearing it may have been a bullet, Arnone went to the police station in Scranton.

"When I got there they said, probably just a rock or something, and then two more cars showed up, same problem, same place."

Another driver had his window smashed on the Central Scranton Expressway.

Police were already investigating a similar case over in Scranton's Green Ridge section. About two hours earlier, two more cars were damaged going under a railroad bridge on East Market Street.

The drivers described two teens seen in surveillance pictures throwing rocks from the bridge above. Police are asking for help in tracking the teens down.

Police are not connecting the two incidents yet.

But, Chris Arnone says what someone may have thought was mischief put him and three other drivers at serious risk.

"I feel very lucky that it was on the passenger's side and it didn't penetrate the glass. Even if it shattered the glass and the glass didn't come at me, you still can't see, you're doing 60 miles an hour on the expressway and there's no way out except (Interstate) 81 is next."

Police have not said yet that they think the incidents on the expressway and on East Market Street are connected, but they are asking for help in tracking down those two rock-throwing suspects. Anyone with information is asked to call Scranton police.


  • Gojo in my palm

    Throwing rocks at tractor trailers was great sport while I was growing up. I fondly remember the days in Chinchilla along 81. We loved it when the State Police showed up and we would take off through the woods. We’d laugh like hell the next day. Those bozos could never catch a 14 year old kid.

  • Not again!

    It’s just amazing to me that those two threw rocks after what happened to Mrs. Budd. The others got in major trouble. Obviously some kids now a days aren’t taught right from wrong or even supervised. I know what my kids are doing and where they are 99 percent of the time. And to say boys will be boys is a crock of you know what. I have a boy and he knows better than to throw rocks. That’s something they are taught. Just glad no one was seriously injured or killed.

    • Mmmetchock

      Boys aren’t always boys. Sometimes boys turn into girls. Skeet skeet skeet. What bathroom do you use?

  • T-BONE

    They haven’t been identified yet?? This is the best security photo I’ve ever seen! Maybe the SPD should visit the Scranton School District & compare on-file photos to identify these low life scums?!!

    • Kerry McKenna

      I think it’s pretty pathetic of grown ups calling children scum and low lives, they are children they threw rocks and I am sure the Scranton police will take care of it, but they are still children and you don’t know the circumstances so for anyone to call a child a low life scum I think they need some serious help.

      • E

        Ha ha! Are you making excuses for these kids or for your own white trash past behavior? Definitely the latter lol. McKenna huh, yeah makes perfect sense lol.

  • Wes

    I had enough of this crap. I was going to move up the Heights but I’m just gonna play it safe and get some cheap housing on Railroad Street in Frackville. There’s a lot of low brow morons in Frackville but those cheap row homes and that new sexy police chief rock!

  • Pete

    If these two sh*tstains saw the news coverage of the last rock tossing incident, they know it could cause serious bodily injury. Lock these two up now. They’re psychopaths.

  • think positive

    So they haven’t killed anybody…yet. So they will get off easy. And society will have the pleasure of dealing with these two losers until they succeed in crippling or killing somebody. Why not just nip it in the bud and lock them up for 20 years. Or ship them off to an abandoned Island where they have to learn how to survive in a REAL jungle. Then we’ll see how tough they are.

    • coal ghetto

      No abandoned jungle island. Keep ’em in Scranton, that’s a more harsh punishment. I don’t care, I don’t live there. Never have, never will. I’d never do that to myself or my family.

      • Bobby Generic

        Are you from Wilkes-Barre? It’s usually people from Wilkes-Barre who leave comments like this so they can feel better about that shithole they call a city.

      • coal ghetto

        From Wilkesbarre? Areyou kidding me? You won’t find me anywhere near Lackawanna OR Luzerne county. My standards are too high to live in either one of those counties. And I have VERY LOW standards!

  • Adam Tomasz Swieciaszek

    Why are you going 60 mph threw construction zone that’s marked 35 mph ?
    So you just admitted that you were going 25 mph over threw a construction site that’s at least 5 points on your license and a minimum $500 fine. I wonder if SPD will write Chris a Ticket ?

  • Sam I Am

    Clearly a copycat act after seeing a recent story, but boys will be boys when the school and pools are closed

  • Kat

    So what will they do if they catch them? Nothing. And these punks know it. The district attorneys office will no doubt down play it and they’ll get admonished for what they did, but no doubt the victims will end up having to pay for the damage.

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