Shenandoah Residents Fed Up With Juvenile Vandalism, Mischief

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SHENANDOAH -- Residents in one community in Schuylkill County say they are fed up with vandalism that has been going on for months.

The police chief in Shenandoah says property damage, including graffiti, is the work of juveniles all over the borough.

Neighbors in Shenandoah think the children range in ages from 9 to 15 and believe they are forming gangs.

The police chief says many of those kids have been caught and will be facing charges, if not already charged.

“We had to replace this back window here, and I had to replace the whole back door on that van because it was just cheaper because that's an older one,” said Tammy Theriaque as she points at her two minivans.

She says they were targeted by vandals here in Shenandoah and she says she's not the only victim, saying property damage has been going on for months and it`s believed it's the work of juveniles.

“Probably like around January, in February I had my front window broken out, before that if was two of the vehicles, the back window was broken out,” said Theriaque. “There's houses up around the corner the windows have all been broken out of.”

At the Vine Street Park, vulgar graffiti was sprayed on the blacktop of a basketball court.

“It's out of the control, it's only the beginning of the summer, it's sad,” said Eileen Burke who lives across the street from the park.

She`s frustrated watching the destruction of property there.

“This morning they went and they threw all the glass over there and I said to them, ‘that's not nice, it's a park’,” said Burke.

“You'll never see little kids over there because these are the kids, and some of them of them are right there, that's some of the gang,” Burke said, pointing at a group of juveniles near the park. “They know who the gang is.”

The Shenandoah Police Chief says several of the kids committing the crimes have been identified and caught and are either charged or will be, however the chief says the vandalism remains an ongoing concern for police.

Mark's Supply Company, a business on Main Street in Shenandoah posted on its Facebook page surveillance video that caught a group of kids knocking over some radiators outside the store.

Mark's Supply Company said several people identified the juveniles and thanked all those who helped.

“It's ridiculous, it needs to stop and people if they do see it they need to come forward and report it to the police,” said Theriaque.

Tammy Theriaque says there's a group of about 22 concerned residents who plan to hold community meetings about the vandalism starting in July.



  • Abortthechildren

    round them up and start public executions. That will deter crime. make an example of them

    • COACHO

      Cm-on like you never went egging or soaping as a kid?. But I doubt these kids got parents. There running around town with no supervision. But in these little coal towns it was always like this. But now less parents so now a disaster is happening.

  • Gunther

    Mrs T’s pierogies on the verge of collapse due to the Squad vandals. That nerdy Twardzick guy hiding in Frackville?

  • pray for mine fires

    Whats causing the social decay in Skuyllkill county? Is it the absence of coal mining income? Is it all the illegal aliens? Everyday Skuyllkill county makes the WNEP news concerning bizarre, violent, horrific crimes.

    • worriedskook

      The only ones who stay in the skook and nearby areas are teachers and administrators for schools that should of been merged years ago! These people are making bank off the imminent demise of the area. Sedco gives false hope it seems for jobs other than teaching and prisons.

    • nsgrad1989

      There is no social decay. Like I said before on here, there is nothing like friday night lights in the skook. Hopefully Shenandoah Valley can field a team this year. As long as i got Schlitz on ice and some good fire whistle action its all good in the wood.

      • Rex

        i read a story about some guy in Frackville groping and drooling on some lady outside a doctor’s office. Is that one of those roamers people talk about?

      • coal crackers

        Yes Rex, I believe what you encountered was indeed a Frackville street roamer. They wear skin tight, soiled jogging pants with thigh high socks, velcro sneakers and usually are sporting a 1989 Frackville Fire Department half shirt. They mark their street territory by throwing their soiled BVDs on powerlines throughout strategic locations. It’s the strangest thing one ever did see. This territorial behavior has the most educated Anthropologists absolutely baffled.

  • Scatt

    It’s high time Schuylkill County implements the Baker Act and finally start rounding up and tagging these mouth breathers. Only problem is that’s 99% of the people there.

  • Milty

    You sent upstanding youths to jail for taking care of these problems in the past. Here’s what happens when the inbreds ruin a town. Feds didntyallow the people to police themselves and now trash makes more trash. RIP Shenandoah. Frackville’s demise is coming very soon. Right after Girardville and Gilberton. Mahanoy City died before Shendo

    • dokkenfan1985

      Unfortunately its Too late milty. I wonder how people still live in this area. it really changed over the last 20 years and even then it was pretty terrible.

      • Moose

        The people don’t know any better. Good for all of us, they’re scared to venture out of the area. They only go from mom’s basement to the high school football game, the block party, or to walk the streets looking a slam-slam.

  • Huggy

    The street roamers in Frackville are getting excited at the thought of more children on the streets. What a sorry area. People there are really backwards and slow minded.

  • pottsvilleoddity

    Didn’t the Shenandoah police almost get shutdown about 7 years ago during the Nationally covered post block party beating incident? There is even a movie on Netflix about this towns crooked behavior. If any of these kids plays youth sports, they may get a free pass. I hoped the town culture changed since that terrible incident.

  • Gummer

    And people thought that Will Victor was a bad kid! These 9-15 year olds are right up the street roamers alley -troubled, unsupervised, derelicts, dirty inbreds…they’re going to be sorry they didn’t stay in school.


    Shenandoah and Mahanoy City are one of the two most strangest small towns in the nation. Hands down!

  • Get Off My lawn

    “Neighbors in Shenandoah think the children range in ages from 9 to 15 and believe they are forming gangs.”

    They think?

    Any evidence, any proof?

    • COACHO

      Maybe they got tattoos and are throwing gang signs. They might need a gang specialist for this case.


    gangs? …more like cretins who don’t have dads that “would beat my ass” if they did stuff like that. Thank you Dad!

  • Longgreysocks

    Another beautiful coal region town with a high school sports fetish. A lot of back alleys just like frackville where Lot of strange things occur. frackville much safer. I only go to Shenandoah because if the dollar store it will rock your long socks off.

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