Scranton Police Trying to Identify Juveniles in Rock-Throwing Incident

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SCRANTON — Police need help identifying two juveniles they believe threw rocks at vehicles from a bridge in Scranton.

Investigators say the two seen in security camera video damaged vehicles along the 400 block of East Market Street by tossing rocks from the bridge above.

Police said two vehicles were damaged.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police in Scranton at 570-348-4139.


  • think positive

    Two punks who will contribute absolutely nothing to society but problems and financial burden. I feel sorry for anybody in Scranton who actually cares about making it a better place to live, because there are too many people like this occupying space in that town.

  • Lance

    It was collusion with the russians…blame trump and all the other media bias instead of blaming the parents of these two idiotic kids. Find them throw the book at them. And fine the parents for all the damage they caused

  • i quit..



    Definite students at St Paul’s in Green Ridge. Their Country Club clothing and saddle shoes give them away.

  • lkreu

    Do you know them? Why the assumptions? The kids that did this to Sharon Budd were nice white boys from “good” families” but you know ALL about these kids! You & everyone who gave it a thumbs are are hypocrites!


    This isn’t cool,In my 100 k plus miles I put in walking through the mean streets of Frackville over the years, i never once got a rock thrown at me. That is why I always stayed away from Shenandoah.

    • Gummer

      I used to hang out at the Goodwill Park as a young teen. There were always unkept odd looking fellows wondering around. One guy with a really high pitch voice would bum smokes off the kids. I think he was looking for more

  • Huggy

    The Shendo Squad is expanding rapidly. SAVY can’t keep up with them. Better off living in Frackville pretending your life is the slightest bit respectable.

  • Mmmetchock

    This doesn’t happen in Frackville cause the street roamers would have those juvenile delinquents pinned down before they could get to I-81. Fap fap fap fap fap

    • COACH0

      its an upgrade to say shamokin, sunbury, Mahanoy City, Pottsville, frackville, minersville, hazleton, Shendo ,lansford Or Tamaqua. and surrounding dirtholes that is the trail of tears or the boulevard of broken dreams.

  • the city is going to the dump

    look like minorities.. figures
    Scranton is a shit hole.
    Where are the parents? probably smoking weed or in jail.
    Bad parenting at its finest.

    check out the low income housing for starters…

    • Bobby Generic

      True but I would take Scranton over Wilkes-Barre anyday. Wilkes-Barre is a bigger shithole then Scranton.

    • Lynne Fazio

      Just a tad judgemental are we? Wouldn’t it be funny if they were just regular middle class kids. Why do
      “assume” they live in low income housing? Those boys who threw rocks at the Sharon Budd – were nice WHITE boys from “good” families. What do you say about that?

    • troutlover

      They’re at the Welfare Office getting their checks from PA. Tomorrow is the day they get the check from New York and next week in New Jersey! Picking up heroin at each location to bring it back to the Wyoming Valley ghetto!

  • nsfan1989

    This is nothing compared to the Shenandoah 9-11 year old gang problem. Rock, spray painting and vandalism are an everyday thing in 462.

  • Mad Dog

    Too bad someone didn’t get out of their car and beat the snot out of them. When kids stopped getting a good beating, we lost control of today’s youth.

  • B-MO

    When those four dumb white kids threw rocks from a bridge, nobody mentioned their race. But these two dumb non-white kids do it, suddenly their race matters. What do you think that says about you?

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