Power To Save: Mohegan Sun Pocono Reduces Carbon Footprint

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- It may not look like much from the outside but inside the energy plant at Mohegan Sun Pocono is helping the casino in its effort to save the environment.

After three years of development, UGI officials say the new system will be a reliable and energy-efficient source for the casino.

“What’s been happening with the technology and the controls is 10 years ago this engine would be 23-25 percent efficient. Today we are 34-35 so we picked up about a third more energy production for the same amount of fuel going in,” said Gary Fechter, general manager for performance solutions.

UGI officials let Newswatch 16 inside the state-of-the-art plant to see just exactly how a 12-foot long box could save so much energy for a casino. The combined heat and power also known as co-generation allows an engine inside to burn natural gas generating electricity.

The leftover heat creates hot water for the casino’s restaurant and space heating for the winter.

Officials say it produces about 820 kilowatts which could power 1,600 private homes.

“You are generating two types of energy with just that one fuel and because it’s local and clean-burning natural gas, it’s great for Pennsylvania, great for the casino,” said Steve Johnson, business development manager.

Officials say the new energy source runs 24/7 and generates 22 percent of the electricity for the casino near Wilkes-Barre in Luzerne County.

“In conventional power, if they use five barrels of fuel, we use four, so every time we create the exact amount of product, we use 20 percent less than the utility does,” said Fetcher.


  • john williams

    I’m so happy the casino is saving money, it’s such a warm fuzzy feeling. The decrease in their costs will mean our property tax break promised by Fast Eddie Rendell will grow even larger!!!!!

  • Mr.Bean

    Why are small restaurants required to have doors that automatically close on their bathrooms but casinos aren’t?

  • katze

    Love the casino but can’t go there because of the barrage of constant cigarette smoke. Shouldn’t they have a separate designated smoking area with separate ventilation and enclosure? Is their set up legal with no where to go away from the smoke?

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