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UPDATE: Stretch of I-80 Open after Crash in Montour County

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VALLEY TOWNSHIP —  A part of a highway is open again after a crash in Montour County, according to state police.

Interstate 80 east near Danville was down to one lane Thursday morning.

It happened just before 6:30 a.m. on Thursday. PennDOT says a tractor-trailer was blocking the left lane at the construction zone where the lane crosses to the westbound side of the interstate.

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  • Chuck

    I am a retired truck driver and all you truck haters I would love to see the truck industry SHUT DOWN for a few weeks and that would mean NO TRASH PICK UP ….NO FOOD IN YOUR FOOD SHELVES NO GAS TO DRIVE TO WORK AND NO ELECTRIC BECAUSE NO TRUCKS DELIVERING COAL TO THE POWER PLANTS.SO SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE ABOUT TRUCK DRIVERS…..

    • Is that so?

      It’s not the trucks or the goods they deliver that we hate Chuck, it’s some of the moronic cowboys (and Indians) that drive them, and the greedy fleets that keep them on the road for too many hours and poorly maintained. I’ve traveled the world Chuckles, and quite a few developed and flourishing countries don’t rely as heavily as we do on the 80,000 pound death traps piloted by coked-up cowboys. They utilize their rail systems for the bulk movement and then smaller trucks to make the deliveries. Coal plants are all but dead here anyway, natural gas and nuclear are king. Enjoy your retirement!

      • Chuck

        Guess you never drove 80.000 pounds before and had a 4-wheel pull in front of you… no wait cut in front of you and hit the brakes when you do you can talk about truck drivers…oh by the way my name is not Chuckles..i see you did not leave a name…so I also see you did not comment about NO FOOD or Gas to get to the Job you hate ..I would love to see the trucking industry shut down ..then all you 4-wheeler’s would have the road all to your self until you run out of gas and firefights can not get to your home because of No Fuel and Police not getting to your home because they can’t again No Fuel…remember no water what you do their is good and bad ..oh by the way WHAT YOU DO ??????

      • Is that so?

        I’ve got my CDL Chuckles, but I’m not a ‘professional’ like you and your so-called brethren are. I love my job because I’ve chosen to do something a little more than accelerate, break, accelerate, shift, hire a prostitute, talk or the CB like CW McCall, shift, crash. Maybe you have a reading comprehension problem – scratch that – you already said you’re a retired truck driver so that answers that – so I’ll say it again. It’s not the trucking industry per se that I dislike, it’s the lunatics that drive them like there’s no tomorrow and screw everyone else on the road. For a retired guy you’re pretty uptight. Go hang out at the old truck stop and look for a nice lot lizard to help you relax.

  • Sam the barber

    Another befuddled truck driver takes to the road and causes traffic mayhem. Big surprise. Truck drivers are the Homer Simpsons of the highway.

    • Chuck

      Just remember ” Sam The Barber ” next time you drive any were in your car by food or go to were ever you by cloths or by your gas or any thing remember it ALL !!!!!!! got there by TRUCK not by blue water with combs in it.

      • huh?

        What does “by blue water with combs in it” mean? Is that some kind of trucker / CB slang, or secret code you guys use in the rest areas?

      • Dominic The Barber

        @Huh….”blue water with combs in it” refers to the bottle in a barbershop filled with blue water that is used to keep the combs clean. You are either very young or have very long hair.

      • Huh?

        Thanks Dominic, it makes sense now. I let my hair grow because I’ve heard that Chuckles digs guys with a man-bun.

  • yo no hablo Ingles

    “a tractor trailer is blocking the left lane” Boy, it’s a shame that PennDOT doesn’t put up some signs that say ‘trucks and buses, right lane only’ before that construction zone. Maybe the sun was in his eyes.

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