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House Damaged After Car Crashes Into It in Williamsport

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- A family in Lycoming County is picking up the pieces -- both literally and figuratively -- after a wicked wake-up call Thursday morning when someone drove a car into their home.

The house along Randall Circle near Williamsport has significant damage and the family has now found themselves suddenly homeless.

Bricks are scattered everywhere, and homeowner Jason Seyler looked on at the remnants of his damaged home. Seyler was at a friend's home nearby when his teenage daughter texted him after midnight -- a crash outside woke both her and her brother up.

"Someone ran through our house. They were sleeping," recalled Seyler.

Thankfully, nobody was injured but state police say the person driving that car was under the influence at the time of the crash. A passenger in the car was also arrested.

Seyler's home is made of bricks, so when surrounding neighbors heard what happened they were shocked.

"It's pretty crazy. I've never seen anything like this around here," said Steve Matthews.

Jason Seyler and his children are not allowed to stay in their home, because authorities say it could be dangerous. Seyler's son and daughter are shaken up by the events.

"Traumatic. I still haven't processed it all. I'm trying to stay calm, cool, collected and hold it together," he said.

Despite the trauma, Seyler tells Newswatch 16 that he forgives the people who drove through his home and wants to help them.

"The ones you feel anger about, they're the ones you've gotta love the most," he added. "I called down to the prison to see if I could put money on their books, where they can spend money and stuff."

State police are still investigating that crash in Lycoming County, and in the meantime, the Seyler family are being helped by the American Red Cross.



  • MaebyYoullknow

    That’s nice for Mr Seyler to want to put money on the accused prison account. Perhaps he can stop at the domestic relations building and pay on his past due child support too!

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