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‘Here comes a high-speed chase’ – Witnesses Recall Pocono Police Pursuit

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- The man who caught a police chase in the Poconos on camera is telling his story to Newswatch 16.

The chase involved a stolen vehicle and ended right in front of the new state police barracks near Stroudsburg.

Skid marks from the chase on Rimrock Drive in Hamilton Township Wednesday still remain on the pavement.

State police arrested Nicholas Bell, 29, from Scranton. Troopers say he led them on a chase from Interstate 80 to the road in front of the new barracks near Stroudsburg, and the dramatic ending was caught on camera.

The video shows state police swarming part of Rimrock Drive near Stroudsburg.

Troopers were chasing a red SUV that was reportedly stolen in Old Forge in Lackawanna County.

The video was shot from more than 20 feet up in the air by Steven Bickford. He was in a bucket truck hanging a sign at the new state police barracks in Hamilton Township.

"I am sitting there, and all of a sudden, the police go flying out in all directions with sirens going," Bickford recalled. "So I just go on about my day, doing my thing and all of a sudden I see a couple more come to the end of the driveway and they go out and start jumping out of their car, pulling out spike sticks and I thought, well, this can get interesting, so I pulled my cell phone out. Then next thing I know, I hear sirens coming up the road so I start recording, and by that, here comes a high-speed chase."

Authorities were tipped off by police in Old Forge. They said that Bell had stolen a vehicle and may be headed toward New Jersey.

A trooper parked on Interstate 80 in Monroe County spotted the vehicle and tried to stop it.

Bell fled but ended up running into even more troopers in front of the barracks.

"He missed the front of my truck by probably about 20 feet, so it was a little scary but kind of fun too," Bickford said.

"Little did he know he was kind of running into a hornet's nest because the new barracks is 200 yards down the road here," said Steven Jurasits, Advanced Collision.

No one was hurt, but a few state police cars were damaged.

One of the cars involved in the chase was brought to Advanced Collision just a few feet down from where it all happened. People there watched the whole thing unfold.

Steven Jurasits was outside his garage on Route 611 when state police

"I am just glad they took him out where they did. Another quarter of a mile, he would have been right here in the intersection and God knows what would have happened at this light if he tried to run it," Jurasits said.

Nicholas Bell is charged with aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer, recklessly endangering another person, as well as other traffic offenses.


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