Fireworks Show Canceled in Wilkes-Barre Township

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- For more than a decade now, folks have looked forward to the fireworks at Kennedy Park in Wilkes-Barre Township each Fourth of July.

But the sky will be dark this Independence Day.

"They put on a fabulous show, so I was really disappointed when I heard they canceled it," said Kim Mendoza of Wilkes-Barre Township.

Wilkes-Barre Township officials say the fireworks are canceled because they're a liability.

There are concerns about nearby houses being damaged if something goes awry.

"I mean agree with them because of the safety. If a house burns down, that can be replaceable but I mean you can't replace a human or dog or anything if something happens to them so I agree with them. I think it's the right call,” said AJ Yelland, who live right next to the park.

The event at Kennedy Park wasn't just about the fireworks.

There was food and music, too.

Kim Mendoza and her family have a cookout each Fourth of July in her yard to watch it all.

“I think it's terrible. It was something that the whole area round here everybody came to it, it was wonderful having the fireworks right in your backyard. You didn't have to worry about driving or worrying about traffic getting home. And the kids had a blast,” she said.

People say they know they can go elsewhere to see fireworks this Independence Day, but they say those events will likely be bigger, more crowded. It won’t be the hometown display they know and love.

"When you had an event like this where you could come visit family, and just sit in the backyard and enjoy the fireworks, you really like that, you don't really want to go to someplace that's big festivities, you don't want something that's crowded. You want something that's small and kind of close to home,” said Jerome Nidoh of Clarks Summit.



  • Thin the herd

    Clearly AJ Yelland doesn’t care if his house burns to the ground. Must have plenty of insurance.

  • Archie Beal

    Exactly Lloyd, it is what I have been saying along. Time to start over. The way we as a country start over is by revamping the bill of rights. I am glad to see you are getting on board with my way of thinking. I knew you would.

  • I Wish I Lived in Simpson

    We use flashlights and mirrors in Whites Crossing instead of fire works and the people love it.

  • seen it all

    Truth is they spent all the money on Heroin , this is the Wilkes-Baree way . So instead lets celebrate with free ammunition for all you crack heads , meth addicts and free methadone and oxyies , Toke up losers ! This is actually a normal ploy to get some sap to spring for the expense and let corrupt officials pocket the budgetted monies .

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    HAHAHAHA, ah yes. A liability.

    Keep reducing and reducing everything that made this once great country great and soon, VERY soon, it will be but a memory.


    A myth.

    Everyone’s afraid of being sued.

    Time to start over folks, time to start over.

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