Dilapidated and Potentially Dangerous Bridge to be Demolished

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EXETER -- After years without being used, the old Coxton railroad bridge will be taken down. The bridge spans the Susquehanna River between Exeter and Duryea.
Neighbors said they're happy to hear that $1 million in state taxpayer money from the Department of Community and Economic Development will be used to demolish the bridge.
"We were afraid of it coming down in the flood so many times. The bricks are coming out of it and someday it's going to go," Paul Renfer of nearby Harding said.
For years, the state tried to get the owner of the bridge, Leo Glodzik of LAG Towing, to fix it or tear it down. Glodzik was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison in September of 2016.
Finally earlier this year, the Luzerne County Redevelopment Authority took over ownership of the bridge and started working on a plan to tear it down.
"Just for the bricks the way they are in the bridge and it needs to go," Renfer said.
With the $1 million, the Luzerne County Redevelopment Authority can remove the dilapidated bridge safely from the river.
"We're afraid that it would back up because this is all flood plain down in here. Where else is it going to go? " Renfer said.
In a press release from state Senator John Yudichak's office announcing the $1 million award for the demolition, he said the bridge could collapse and threaten properties in Exeter and Duryea.
"Demolishing the Coxton Bridge eliminates a clear and present danger to the community," Senator Yudichak said.
There is no word on when the demolition of the old Coxton railroad bridge will start.


  • Robert

    What? Get them trouble makers from Shenandoah (The Squad) to take it down. Only cost the tax payers a six pack!
    Stupid government!!

  • Keystone Kops

    It should have never been sold to Glodzik in the first place. The government and/or the railroad should be liable. What practical use would a person who isnt a railroad or a government entity do with such a thing?

    Who approved the sale to Glodzik? Make them accountable.

  • Larry Stokes

    Leo Glodziks assets should be seized in order to pay for the demolition…Whatever he owns goes to pay the bill for demolition and removal.

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