Pocono Pipeline Now Open

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- It's been years since Tyler Swoyer from Reading has been to Camelback Mountain Resort near Tannersville.  He and his family decided to make the trip this year and spend this sunny June day at Camelback Mountain Adventures.

"We came here as little kids. It's been many, many years and now we have our own little families now and we wanted to come back and ride the slide again," said Swoyer.

The slide Tyler is talking about is called the Pocono Pipeline.

Some may recall the track as the "Alpine Slide."  It closed about 15 years ago.

Now it's back with a new name and a new design.

"We decided it was something with a new technology and something that guests were always asking about. We saw the opportunity to bring it here and we definitely think it will add to our year round experience at Camelback," said Dru Brooks, Camelback Resort.

"This was very nice. Just like the old one, but better," said Swoyer.

The slide takes riders down a 2,800-foot track at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

And it's not just the track that got an upgrade.

The mountain slide sleds are state of the art. They are more durable, more stable and the brake system adds more controls for drivers who decide to go down the Pocono Pipeline.

"I thought it was really fun. It was a little bit scary, but not too scary. My daughter, she is 3 and she even went on it so you know it wasn't too bad. I like that you can control your own speed and it was a good time," said Allison Swoyer, Reading.

To prove that anyone can do it, I hopped in one of the sleds and took a few twists and turns down the mountain.

And compared to the original, that a much younger version of me once took on, the upgrade was well worth the wait.

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