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Parole Denied for I-80 Rock Thrower

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WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP -- One of the four men involved in a rock-throwing incident in Union County in 2014 has been denied parole.

The state parole board found that Tyler Porter has refused to accept responsibility for his actions and would be a risk to the community if released.

He entered a no-contest plea in 2015.

Sharon Budd was severely injured when those men threw a rock from an Interstate 80 overpass, and right through the windshield of her vehicle.


  • Larry Stokes

    Problem here is these clowns haven’t learned their lesson nor do they care to. They will not change. They probably feel like they are now the victim.

  • Guiltridden

    Amazing how Judgmental people can be.. As a kid I was with a group of friends when 2 of them did the exact same thing as these kids did. Thank god it did not turn out as this incident did,but I think back and realized we were lucky it didn’t. The point is kids do stupid stuff and our group was just as guilty as these kids were and if not for bad luck things would be different for them. Once I got older and realized how lucky our group was not to hit the target I can have sympathy for those involved. I am not belittling what they did and the damaged they caused. I am just saying our group of kids were just as guilty even though nothing happened and we all turned out to be law abiding citizens.

    • Hold 'em Accountable

      “Kids’ is a pretty general term with regard to doing stupid things. Everyone’s done something stupid and everyone (bar, none) has done something that they regret having been a part of. The problem with this situation is that the young men involved in this tragic incident weren’t “kids.”

      Three of these young men were 17, and the other was 18 – legal adult. If, at 17-18, an individual cannot or will not connect the proverbial dots that some actions can result in devastating damages and that there are CONSEQUENCES associated with malicious actions. THIS is what the problem with this matter is. We’re not talking about unsupervised 12-year-olds. We’re talking about people who were either old enough, or nearly old enough, to enter into the military and carry a loaded weapon.

      This man was denied parole because he has no remorse for what he did. That’s it. That’s all. People who do not have a sense of remorse are absolutely a danger to society because they don’t care. Not one iota. And, this young man is going to do his time and serve out his sentence, exit the corrections facility, and blame everyone and their kid brother on what a raw deal he got. He’s not going to have any concept of “stupid actions = stupid consequences.”

      This is what the problem with this young man is and why he will not reenter society as a “rehabilitated” individual.

  • Sasquatch

    He should be pounding big rocks into small rocks for 12 hours a day 7 days a week for a very long time……

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    Just a reminder – Mrs. Budd’s husband committed suicide, no doubt because of what happened to his wife. They should ALL sit in prison until they’re too old to throw rocks anymore.

  • Kat

    So much for rehab! Ya can’t rehab someone who has no remorse for their actions! Next choice…hard labor!

    • beam_me_up

      He wasn’t the one who threw it..I know the one who threw it..and he’s out…go figure. And THIER attitudes are very poor of ’em who’s been out has already been in trouble twice, and the one who threw the rock that hit Mrs.Budd got in additional trouble immediately after that and OTHER criminal acts and that landed one in juvie prison. He is the one who just got out.

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