Forest City Downtown Construction Wrapping Up

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FOREST CITY -- It's been a long haul for folks in downtown Forest City.

For about one year, Main Street has undergone major construction.

The final bricks were being laid by workers on roughly a year after a project to improve the sidewalks got started.

It looked like an all-out construction zone 10 months ago or so. The "Mile of Hospitality" as it's known was a mile of construction and looks now as though it is nearly complete.

"It`s picking up, looking a lot better. Streets are nicer, they`re cleaner," said resident Renee Kuriger.

Only street lights are left to put in place and the work here will be wrapped up. For business owners, it's been a lot to endure.

"It was a challenge. They had to block off parts of the street and have workers and machinery coming through," said MaryAnn Corey of Bloom.

Forest City keeps on racking up grant money not just to fix up downtown but Kennedy Park including money to resurface the basketball courts as well as tennis courts.

"Look around the town and you feel something in your heart," said borough council member Joann Matarese.

Matarese and fellow council member Bob Lesjack take a lot of pride in the improvements they've helped make become reality. That includes about $20,000 in overhauling the rooms at the borough building, doing much of the work themselves.

"We did the valances on the windows, we ordered blinds. Picked out paint colors," said Lesjack.

"It is absolutely gorgeous, the building was old-fashioned, Bob did a lot of work in here make it modern and professional," Matarese added.

Forest City leaders hope to secure more grants to help remake the other side of Main Street.


  • Surely

    Severe chest pains…that’s the feeling in my heart when I look up and down Main. Closed businesses, empty storefronts that it takes a circus full of Borough Official’s hoops to jump through if you want to open a business….

  • Clueless Officials in Susq County

    Joann Materese what the hell have you done to help the businesses? What’s businesses in town do you support? Keep in mind the state state store does not count. This poject killed what business the town did have. Borough is not interested in helping small biz. But yes, the paint color and window treatments are lovely.

    • Boy Bye

      It’s not Joanne M’s job to make sure you have a successful business. I’m sure if the streets were a mess and no one ever fixedtbem you would be the first person at a council meeting to complain about how terrible Main Street looks.

  • tiny turtle

    Seriously??? Jim Hamill, you had to DRIVE into Forest City, right? Do the roads FEEL or LOOK like any work had been done? You end up with motion sickness just driving that one, single “Mile Of Hospitality” Seriously, please go back and find out what in the world happened to Main Street. It has to be one of the worst within a hundred mile area. But, hey, they put $20,000 into a building that nobody ever enters, they got that going for them. Sheesh…

  • Vandling or Bust

    Is hard to believe they were able to get any work done with all the activity going on in that picture.

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