Business Owner Charged with Bank Fraud, Accused of Embezzling $400,000

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SHAVERTOWN — A business owner in Luzerne County has been charged with bank fraud.

Richard Morgan, 54, of Shavertown, is accused of embezzling over $400,000.

Prosecutors allege that Morgan, the owner of Wilkes-Barre Bookkeeping, was contracted by companies to handle payroll but instead of remitting the company’s payroll taxes to the IRS, he kept it for himself.


  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    HAHAHAHA! So now what? Those other business owners still owe that tax.

    Who pays THAT BILL?


  • joe just joe

    I guess he couldn’t cook up enough tax losses for the companies that he was handling payroll for to cover the extra income he was making for handling the entire charade. This kind of stuff is probably “book cooking 101” for the ave accountant at say Tesla Motors or Amazon. Give Richard Morgan 3 years in a regular prison and he won’t do it again. 3 years in a Federal prison and I bet he comes back out and lives at least a comfortable life with the cash he socked away… if he was smart enough to at least have covered his ass partially so that he has something out of it….using today’s govmint tax laws :-)

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