Woman on Trial for Killing Baby in 2016

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MAHANOY CITY -- A Schuylkill County woman is on trial this week for allegedly killing a baby.

Pietrina Hoffman walked silently into a Schuylkill County courtroom Tuesday. She is on trial for killing 14-month-old Neveah Doyle in January of 2016.

Doyle was found dead on the floor in Hoffman's home on West Centre Street in Mahanoy City. An autopsy revealed the child died from being smothered to death and had been dead for several hours before police were called.

Hoffman is charged with multiple crimes including third-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, and aggravated assault.

District Attorney Christine Holman said that Naveah was not related to Hoffman.

According to testimony, Neveah Doyle's mother gave her to a friend at birth. That friend used to date Hoffman's son. She would allow Hoffman to watch the child.

The D.A. said the trial is expected to last all week but says it could wrap up sooner.


  • CeeMe

    Is she crazy or just callous? Lock her up and throw away the key. Why would anyone but a creep, kill an innocent child?

  • think positive

    Nothing to say here but what a bunch of scumbags. There is no penalty allowed by law that equals what she deserves for a sentence. The baby didn’t have one adult in her life who was competent enough to take care of her…just a little baby. RIP little Neveah.

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