Two Accused of Robbing, Shooting Man in Schuylkill County

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NORTH MANHEIM TOWNSHIP — Two men are accused of robbing and shooting a man in Schuylkill County.

Robert Spann was cuffed on attempted murder charges on Monday.

Spann is accused of shooting Devin Andresen last week.

A driver found Andresen laying in the middle of Berry Road near Schuylkill Haven, bleeding from several gunshot wounds.

Devine Marks from Pottsville faces robbery and theft charges in that same case in Schuylkill County.



      Not so fast. I really enjoy Frackville. Good walking on the numerous back alleys. Some think they are creepy. I find beauty in old garages, rusted fences, and roads that werent paved since 1966. Penn Alley even housed a strip bar for years. Its historic here.

      • SammyB

        Bingo. Street roamers that enjoy it there must stay there and those curious about the area’s odd quirks like fascination with youth sports must be protected so they don’t take area customs, like street roaming/lurking, as normal.

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