Summer Camps Mean Big Business

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WAYNE COUNTY -- The summer season is camp season in Wayne County.

Every summer, thousands of kids pay top dollar to spend weeks away from home.

Dan Corrigan cut through stone, part of a side job he's doing at Camp Wayne for Boys. It's one of the many summer camps dotting the landscape in northern Wayne County.

Corrigan also runs river trips through his company Northeast Wilderness Experience and is one of the many who benefits from the summer camp industry.

"Without the camps, we would not have the same business," he said. "They carry us through a large portion of the year."

In fact, a recent study done for the Wayne County Camp Alliance found summer camps pump roughly $120 million into the local economy every year.

There are nearly three dozen camps in Wayne County alone. This includes Lake Bryn Mawr Camp which is nearing its 100th summer in business.

"All of the camps employ a lot of staff to take the proper care of children," said director Dan Kagan. "Yes, we bring in thousands of camp counselors and millions of dollars of revenue into Wayne County area each and every summer."

The study found all sorts of businesses get a boost from the camps; shops, restaurants and yes, even pharmacies.

"Over a dozen camps on a daily basis come in. They bring things from out of the area but they need things when they come," said owner Wayne Stephens.

Long term, the campers themselves many times end up sending their own kids to the same camp.