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Kittens Trapped in Condemned Wilkes-Barre Home

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UPDATE: Wilkes-Barre City Animal Control officers were at the house along with the cat rescue organization Whiskers World to trap the kittens.

Later this week, they plan to get the adult cats.

Earlier on Tuesday Newswatch 16 reached out to the Wilkes-Barre City Health Department for some answers on neighbors concerns, not long after that we found out the city was taking action on the home.

WILKES-BARRE -- Neighbors are scrambling to figure out a way to rescue kittens and cats trapped in a home in Wilkes-Barre.

Next door neighbors are trying to do everything they can to help kittens and cats stuck inside.

"It's a shame," said neighbor Judy Prebola. "It's heartbreaking. Every day I see the two little kittens in the window but they're just trapped in the bedroom."

The home on West Chestnut Street was condemned by the city weeks ago because it was unfit to live in, with its stench of garbage and feces blowing over to other homes in the neighborhood.

"It's awful. You can't sit on my front porch," said Prebola. "Right now, it's not too bad but when the breeze blows, the smell is nauseating. You want to throw up."

Prebola says she lived in her home for five years before the previous owners moved in. She says at first, they were clean and friendly but in the end, it all went downhill.

"It's human and animal feces over there, urination, dead rats, dead mice, flies, maggots. It's just disgusting. It's horrible."

Neighbors say the previous owners left behind one dog, a rabbit, and eight to ten kittens. The dog and rabbit were taken in by other people who live nearby but neighbors can't get inside themselves to save the cats.

"I'm an animal lover and I can't see anything happen to animals or children, I really can't."

Neighbors say they have been trying for weeks to find an animal rescue group that can come save these kittens.


  • Keystone Kops

    They aren’t trapped.

    It is just that a bunch of fake cop dog catchers want to make themselves out to be great. They want to “rescue” the animals by mutilating their genitals.

  • pdawg

    I think it’s good that these cats have found a good home. They deserve squatter’s rights and should be treated like valued members of our community


    If the place is already condemned, just break in and get the f**king cats.

    • Angie

      lol thinking the same thing. give me the address. I can accidently fall into a window with a baseball bat

      • Nicole

        3 kittens and 1 adult was recused from there today. Whiska world is working on getting them all out.

  • here kitty kitty

    With all the hell on earth apocalyptic goings-on in the Scranton/Wilkesbarre/Hazleton area and this is what Channel 16 puts on for news? Hey WNEP, are you starting to feel a little humiliated and embarrassed about your coverage area and a kitten story takes you away from reality for a bit?

    • Mel

      So all yo want to hear about is apocalyptic news… ?
      This is apocalyptic! To the cats, anyway…
      I hope someone breaks in and rescues these little guys… or at least gets water and food to them…
      Now back to the regular news­čśä

    • Lets Be Honest...

      They can’t bash on Trump and gain mainstream media cred right now… though the idiots of Talk back made national tv

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