UPDATE: Victim Identified in Deadly Crash on Interstate 80 in Union County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UPDATE — According to state police, Ruben Montalvo, 50, from New Jersey was killed in Tuesday’s crash on Interstate 80 east near Lewisburg.

WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP — A deadly two-vehicle crash has slowed traffic on Interstate 80 in Union County.

The wreck happened on I-80 east near mile 206 near a construction zone, according to PennDOT.

The crash has the passing lane closed near the crash scene.

There is no word from PennDOT on how long the highway will be backed up.

The name of the victim has not been released.

Check here for the latest traffic conditions.


  • Angel

    Ruben montalbo is my uncle please please if you guys going to comment just watch what you say guys … family reading all this smh 😭 rip uncle ruben

  • Not a savage like the rest of you commenters

    Prayers for his family. Doesn’t matter where he’s from. It never stated he was at fault for the accident. What happen to human life being important to everyone? Y’all are sick!!

    • should be a fee to enter our state

      I’ll start caring about people from NY and NJ when they stop acting like savages and stop thinking the laws in our state (and country) don’t apply to them. Yes, plenty of bad drivers in PA too, but I lost count how many times each day a car or truck from NY or NJ goes flying past me (and I’m doing 70 in a 65, 75 in a 70) like they’re being chased by demons. Way too fast, weave in and out of traffic, no turn signals, dive bomb in front of you, don’t get in line when it goes down to one lane, you name it. Inconsiderate self-absorbed pricks.

      • Not a savage like the rest of you commenters

        There are bad drivers in every state. But to not care that a life is lost is inhumane. Sad world we live in.

      • Archie Beal

        I agree. Those out of state truck drivers could care less about who they hurt or kill. It’s about time their behaviors caught up with them.

  • the garbage state

    Wow, there’s a shocker. Someone from NJ not doing the speed limit or not slowing down in a construction zone. One less off the roads.

  • Dan DeRoberto

    I think it is in poor taste to have a twitter picture of a smiling reporter on your website when reporting a deadly crash. I am referring to the story by Nikki Krizwe

  • Lets Be Honest...

    These crashes happen because people drive way too fast and don’t pay attention…. Doing 70mph in a 65mph while getting passed by tractor trailers doing 80 mph and minivans doing 90mph

    • dead men don't drive trucks

      Who are you addressing with your comment – the departed truck driver? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care what you think. Come to think of it, neither do I. What does navigation have anything to do with it? We’re not on the high seas here Captain Moron.

  • go faster!

    Wow, hard to imagine something like this would happen going into a construction zone. You would think they would put signs up miles out telling people to slow down, turn their headlights on, stay in their lane, stuff like that. Nope, PennDOT doesn’t care.

    • Amy

      Guess what that construction your talking about starts at mile marker 218 and there are signs up miles before you get to the actual construction. They are inspected daily making sure they are working properly. However people are ignorant and pay no attention to those signs or they just don’t care about the safety of the lives of not only the workers but the general public .

      • against twittersphere

        I believe the person was commenting on it being a story about a death which is a somber story, and there you have a picture of Nikki smiling and happy. Twitter sphere missed the point. The comment by twitter sphere shows the lack of intelligence and thought process

    • go faster!

      I agree! All the Jersey and NY transplants can off themselves however they want.Once the knuckle-dragging mouth breathers from Jersey and grease balls from NY are gone PA will be nice again.

      • Not a savage like the rest of you commenters

        You do realize TRUCK DRIVERS from out of state, regardless which state, will often travel PA roads. I imagine your comment would be much different, if at all, if it was one of your family members.

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