Couple Charged After Alleged Sex Acts Near Park Playground

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WILKES-BARRE--- Two people are charged after police in Wilkes-Barre said the couple got a little too frisky near a playground in Kirby Park. Police said this took place within sight of hundreds of people, including children.

It's a story that is now getting attention around the nation.

Kirby Park is typically a safe place for parents to bring their kids for some fun in the sun, but last Thursday parents were horrified by what they saw.

"It's something you just want to put out of your mind almost when you hear it at first because it's almost surreal to you, but the fact that it's real, it's scary," Tyler Guzzi of Nanticoke said.

Police said hundreds of people watched as Kyle McClure, 29, and Jacqueline Getz, 31, had sex in the park.

According to the police, the couple did it right near the playground.

"They can't just be in some normal mindset like everybody else like there's kids playing running around and playing around and in their heads, they're thinking that they should be together," Guzzi said.

The couple is charged with indecent exposure, open lewdness, and disorderly conduct. Court papers show Getz admitted to it after people recorded the couple on their phones.

"I really don't know what to say about it. I mean, I just know that this is a place where children come and as long as whoever brings them makes sure they're safe that's what's most important," Michelle Oropeza from Edwardsville said.

If anything, people in the park said this just makes them realize they need to be more aware of what's going on around them.

"It's definitely something you have to think about now if it's making the news. You definitely can't just walk in without checking first, making sure there's no one around that's indecent," Guzzi said.

Park goers said they will keep going back to Kirby Park despite the disturbing news.

"Just because of that I mean I'm not going to stop bringing them, we just have to be more aware of our surroundings," Oropeza said.

Police said they do pay extra attention to Kirby Park during the summer months and they will continue to keep an eye out for the public.

McClure and Getz are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on this misdemeanor charges early in July.


  • Donamick

    just when you think you’ve heard it all!
    This is the type of story that the HuffPost thrives on. BUT… here it is right in our own neighborhood. As disgusting as any HuffPost story and probably just as true as those

    • Donamick

      I’m 56 years old and when I sit and Ponder your remark I’m convinced and I’m sure that I’ve never met any ‘bro’ with class. None zero zilch. pretty much all the same male or female. think of me what you will.

  • Anon

    Funny how they only show the man’s face and not the woman’s. Go ahead and smear the man’s reputation but we must protect the goddesses.

    • Sher Charb

      NOT IN FRONT OF CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was there and it was disgusting. People in this society forget that we have to protect our most innocent – children should NOT be exposed to this!

    • Donamick

      to do whatever they feel like doing. – anywhere anytime and in front of anybody and everybody. Oh yes… and throwing their McDonald’s trash out the window onto our streets.

  • KM

    The Director of Parks could try some sort of sex roamer repellant. But hey it didn’t work in Frackville did it? Sounds like nothing can soften their hard drive for carnal pleasure. Anyone from Frackville here that can explain?

    • The Joke is...

      There might of been. Could of shot on her back or face. unless hes firing blanks. ayeeee

    • Nasty!

      Sorry, but not everyone wants to see that. I myself is one that would NOT like to see that. You say it’s just sex but it was meant to be done in private between MARRIED man and woman not just to do it cuz you feel like it. How would you feel if you had young children there to see that? I know I wouldn’t want my young children to see it.

      • is that so?

        Bigot. Racist. Prude. What about all the happily LEGALLY married men (to men) and women (to women)? The LBGTQIAEIEIO Rainbow NAMBLA coalition will be knocking on your door.

    • Nasty

      Well, I have read Deuteronomy and Leviticus which tell us a man shall not lie with mankind as with woman. And a man shall not put on that pertains to a woman nor shall a woman put on men’s clothes. I can’t state what I believe but the lgbtq community can say and do what they want? I thought there was freedom of religion in this country. Oh wait…not if it goes against every corrupt thing in this world. Well too bad so sad. That’s my belief and if you don’t like it then don’t read my comments!!!

  • Lloyds Friend

    All the unsatisfied mom’s getting mad is great. They whipped out their phones though. Nice overcharge by enforcement


    This kind of thing happens in a lot of communities in Ne-PA. Frackville and The surrounding coal region communities no different. The memorial park and arch street park interesting sometimes to say the least.

  • Sexism in NEPA!

    Why is WNEP only showing the guy’s photo? Show both culprits or neither! It’s not just the man’s fault! Both were charged!

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