Bloomsburg Town Hall Gets a Face Lift

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BLOOMSBURG -- If you need to pay a parking ticket or see the code enforcement officer in Bloomsburg, listen up. Some changes are coming.

Michelle Peguero left Bloomsburg Town Hall after getting a parking permit.

"I live in town and so I, unfortunately, I have to pay a lot of money to park in front of my house," Peguero said.

At first, Peguero was not sure if the parking enforcement office was open because there is construction in and around the building.

"This is the best time to do it. The students aren't in session really and you find your ways," Peguero said.

Bloomsburg Town Hall is undergoing renovations, mainly to the first floor. The former police station is being turned into the town's code enforcement office. The parking enforcement office will stay here.

"So really all of the public things that people interact with day to day, come in to see town hall will be on the first floor. So it will be more convenient," Lauren Martz said.

Town Manager Lauren Martz says in addition to some small renovations on the building's second and third floors, the project will bring better parking and more handicapped accessibility to the building.

"And also securing the building as well," Martz said.

Right now, you can enter town hall from more than one place but not for long.

"There will be one point of entry and people will be authorized to enter the building," Bloomsburg Police Chief Roger Van Loan said.

Another big change, the Bloomsburg Police Department moved into its new building. It's the former Red Cross building on East 7th Street.

"Probably were in the original building we're guessing about 100 years, with about 2,600 square feet. Our facility now has about 8,300 square feet," Van Loan said.

The project costs around $400,000. The work is expected to be done by mid-October.