Banners Honor Hometown Heroes

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ARCHBALD -- Volunteers spent Tuesday evening hanging banners along Main Street in Archbald to honor their hometown heroes.

Each banner shows a veteran's photo and name, the branch they served in and the war in which they fought.

We spoke with one Vietnam veteran who was surprised to see his own face on one of the banners.

"He didn't tell me I was going to put my own up and just said, 'we are going to put up banners' last night," said Manuel Griffin of Archbald. "And then he brought mine out and I'll tell you, it was...I couldn't explain the feeling inside of me.It was lovely. It was so wonderful."

Mary Alice Raider of Archbald said, "My dad would have been 82 today [Tuesday] and last night when they said they were going to start hanging the banners, got here a few minutes late, but when I got here, I saw it. So, I got my mom in the car this morning and we came over nice and early to see it. It was a beautiful tribute for his birthday."

The banners are thanks to efforts from a special committee who wanted to honor veterans here in Lackawanna County.

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