Stroudsburg Considers Park Fees

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STROUDSBURG -- Jason Rau from Stroudsburg brings his children to the Stroudsburg Borough Park to play during the summer months. He says while it's a great place for his children to play, he has noticed some issues and he's not alone.

Borough officials are considering making people from out of town pay before they can play.

"I believe it's a good idea. It will keep people from overcrowding, it will keep more of a sense of security and a community feeling," said Jason Rau, Stroudsburg.

Stroudsburg Mayor Tarah Probst says the idea was brought up at a recent council meeting.

Nothing is set in stone, but they are looking at the option.

"There was some incidents there from where we believe people from out of town that just left the place a mess and we want to have a free service for people to grill and have nice events but if you are not going to take care of it then we have to start, when you pay a fee for something, you take care of it," said Mayor Probst.

Just a few weeks ago, borough officials were at the park fixing a fence after they say it was vandalized. Some people who use the park tell us if they borough decides to implement a fee for people out of town, it will prevent situations like this from happening.

Officials say the fee would be small. Anywhere from $5 to $10.

A similar fee is in place at parks in Stroud Township and has been successful.

Residents hope it will work here, too.

"The kids will be able to use everything and not have to wait and because this is their park and they actually live here, it will be better for them," said Hannah Fernandez, Stroudsburg.

Stroudsburg borough officials say they will further discuss the possibility of park fees for out of town people at the next meeting.

It is scheduled for next month.


  • Carol Ann Stephens

    that is discrimination and it will turn people off and cost the area visitors money. Put up cameras and find out who is destroying the park and find out who is vandalizing the park and make them pay for repairs.

  • Bill

    How about no Inn error city trash allowed they are the ones screwing up everything and at beltzville the geese get the blame. If ur on welfare or any assistance no parks since you don’t help pay for them

  • Kat

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe consider it again in our State Parks! Let’s see: it’s almost time for them to close Beltsville beach due to bacteria!?

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