State Budget Deadline Approaching

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SCRANTON -- The state loses the ability to spend money on Saturday, July 1, 2017. Since this has happened so many times before, safeguards are in place to make sure government and essential services remain up and running.

Governor Wolf released his budget back in February.

Wolf proposed $2 billion in savings and increased revenue by combining departments, eliminating waste, taxing frackers, but spending more on education.

Both the house and senate are republican controlled, and disagreements shot up almost immediately. One of the biggest is the size of the deficit.

Some have Pennsylvania in the hole by $1.5 billion. Others have it as high as $3 billion.

Time is running out. The deadline is July 1, but that deadline has been missed in Wolf's first two years in office.

The house and senate appropriations committees meet Monday afternoon.

Items on the table include expanding gambling and making more money by increasing the number of places where you can buy beer and wine.


  • Common_Sense

    I hope these idiots both Democrat and Republican PA. Senators and Congressman/women would “Just Get It” for once and try to compromise. It’s not a perfect world. Somebody is going to Love you and Hate you. So try work together to try to take the middle of the road approach on everything. You might loose a couple of Democratic or Republican voters here and there but you will pick up us Independeent and non–committed voters.

  • Kat

    The Federal government wants to give more power to the states? Yeah, that gives me a warm fuzzy. Not!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Well dummy, historically the states are supposed to have more power to self govern than the federal authority over them.

      Ever here of the little event in the 1860’s? You might have, it was called the civil war.

      Also, the constitution was scrapped and rewritten numerous times over what?

      That’s right, states rights.

  • Jasom

    If this were a private corporation, the CEO and CFO would have been removed if this makes 3 years in a row after July 1st.

  • Professorgetaclue

    PA is a baffling state! The local level is a complete mess. We got thousands of municipalities mostly ran by high school graduates who never left the area to see the big picture. (85 percent of states do not have townships and 95 percent do not have boroughs). They think the corrupt ridden non profit vendors actually save them money and do them a favor! Then you get these small school districts graduating 60-100 students with the top dogs making 100k plus a year. Most states have a county run school district with one super and one school board. Do you really expect the state budget to be balanced when you got a government structure like this.

    • Common_Sense

      It’s like a never ending Tom Cruise movie set back in the 1980’s. Remember “All the Right Moves”? I am not doing the Republican or Democrat thing here. I am just comparing that movie to North /East/ Central PA. then and now. How much in reality has changed? AMPIPE HIGH SCHOOL. I know the film was made closer to Pittsburgh but It fits the rest of suburban and local Pennsylvania to a tee. Thank our PA. representatives for changing things so much in the last 30-40 years NOT!

      • Seanstop

        Its a joke everything’s based upon small town high school football glory and corrupt colleges. Ie psu . it is not working out too well.

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