Search Warrant Reveals Details of Body Found in B&B

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UPDATE WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28 -- According to the coroner, the remains were positively identified as Patricia Richey, age 80.

HONESDALE -- Authorities released new details in the gruesome discovery of an elderly woman's decomposed body and her daughter's alleged attempts to hide it.

The death investigation began in Honesdale Friday after the elderly woman was found inside a bed and breakfast by the owners.

According to a search warrant, Patricia Richey, 80, lived on the third floor of the bed and breakfast on North Main Street. She lived there with her daughter Moira, a former officer with the NYPD who now faces questions of when and how her mother died.

The search warrant indicates the owners of Harvest Inn found a decomposed body Friday morning in the room where Patricia Richey was staying.

"We opened the door and there was something in bed covered and that's all we saw, and there was no smell," said owner Mary McHugh.

McHugh runs the inn with her husband and says Richey and her daughter Moira didn't pay rent but stayed on the third floor. The owners last saw Patricia Richey last fall then McHugh tells Newswatch 16 Moira Richey moved to another room after having trouble breathing in her mother's room. That was in February or March of this year.

"She would not let me into the mother's room," McHugh recalled.

Moira Richey was seen walking away from the inn Monday morning.

Newswatch 16 has learned she was an officer with NYPD but the department couldn't say why she left or when.

"You feel sick, you want to throw up, you don't understand how this could happen," McHugh added.

An autopsy was unable to determine how the woman died and an official ID is still pending but the question remains: was the woman dead for weeks or even months while guests stayed just one floor below?

"It's very kind of scary. it was there that long and nobody knew," said Dayna Quinlass of Honesdale.

"It's terrible, today, you know it's terrible. I feel really bad, but nothing surprises me today," said Myrna Zielinski of Bethany.

The owners of the Harvest Inn say Patricia Richey was not in good health at any point while she lived there.

State police are still investigating and so far, no charges have been filed.



  • mo

    Whatever happened to the daughter Moira? She was able to just walk away it said she was seen walking away Monday morning. Why have we not heard any more news about this investigation? Something is very wrong here and it is quite obvious!!!!!! Where is Moira?????? SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!!!!!

  • Jacqueline Leahy

    A corpse on the 3rd floor and guests on the second floor. Innkeepers never ever checked on the ill elderly woman and her daughter who they allowed to live free permanently up there. So now where’s the daughter? Wasn’t she the mothers caretaker? Didn’t she have a responsibility to call 911 when the mother fell ill? Was she hiding the body all this time to keep cashing her mothers Social Security checks ? And if they did not insist on finally entering the room it would’ve gone on for who knows how long years? she denied her mother medical care and then hid her body for God knows how long and probably without spending her money. So where is she has she been arrested yet or what?

  • El Ma

    Is the owner of this establishment actually quoted as saying that someone who was NOT paying for rooms “…would not let (her) into the mother’s room…????” Whaddaya MEAN that someone wouldn’t “let” the owners into one of their rooms? Hadn’t seen the mother since Fall of 2016? And, this wasn’t “suspicious” to anyone? Nobody had a second thought that this was on the high-end of the “There’s-something-amiss” scale? Omigosh………..

    What the heck kinds of people ARE these? Pending the results of an autopsy, these people should all face charges.

    Daughter couldn’t breathe…………(snort, wheeze) Guess not……..

  • Mike

    Wonder if her social security checks were being cashed? If so we know why the death wasn’t reported and the former nyc cop has some explaining to do.

  • Karpy

    Only one body and people are freaking out? There’s probably multiple places in frackville with numerous bodies rotting. That house by the frackville tee ball field is creepy. Like the House of 1000 corpses

  • Mmmetchock

    Sometimes when i’m walking around frackville i wear my oversized headphones and listen to old LA Tarrone interviews. Either that or fire truck sounds.

  • Teasely

    She should have disposed the body in one of those stripping pits. Who knows how bodies were dumped around frackville. Only the street roamers know

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