Police Show Support for Tunkhannock’s “Lemonade Kid”

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TUNKHANNOCK -- The outpouring of support for a boy who had money swiped from his lemonade stand over the weekend continued into Monday in one Wyoming County community.

A parade of police cars arrived on Harrison Street in Tunkhannock to surprise young Owen Shylkofski, who set up a lemonade stand at his family's yard sale during Tunkhannock Founder's Day on Saturday.

Shylkofski was motivated to start his fledgling business after seeing a neighborhood home go up in flames on Father's Day.

The boy dedicated his Saturday to selling drinks, but after a hard day's work he made an unfortunate discovery -- the fifty dollars he collected went missing.

His furious grandmother shared the story on Facebook, and an hour later people began arriving at the home to donate money and offer their support.

We shared Owen's story on Newswatch 16 Sunday, and the groundswell continued.

Harrison Street was packed with police cars, as well as locals wanting to meet the child and offering more donations as well.

Owen's mother is asking anyone else who wants to donate to not to bring money to their home, but instead to bring money to the Wells Fargo Bank in Tunkhannock. Checks should be made out to the Seymore Family Fund.

Owen's family is planning to move to Colorado in the next few weeks, but he plans to sell lemonade from the stand while he can.


  • PaulG

    Wow! A heart warming story and all the sarcastic comments… I cannot believe it. NOT everyone is out to do badl
    My heart goes out to the family that had the fire and to this boys family as he has been able to see some good come out of adversity.

  • Sad But True

    Surprised they didn’t arrest him for not having proper permits and paying the fees to the town. Highly doubt he was following health and safety code.

  • Take the money and run

    It’s amazing how nobody blinks twice that they’re moving to Colorado…sure he starts now with his lemonade business, but how do we know it won’t turn into one of those dispensaries that sell the devil’s lettuce?

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