Now Hiring: Lifeguards Wanted in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Pools all across our area are open...but the lack of lifeguards is putting a damper on the fun. In Williamsport, the local pool -- Splash Cove -- is hiring!

Managers at the pool believe the low lifeguard count is due to teens taking other job opportunities throughout Lycoming County. Businesses in the Williamsport area are hiring -- but to land that job, applicants may need to apply to more than one place.

That's exact what Sadie Krise from Montoursville did.

Sadie has been working for a few months now. She was there for the grand reopening of that location on the Golden Strip last week.

"I don't really like to work during the school year because I like to focus on school , so I work really hard over the summer so I have enough money to last me through the next school year," said Krise.

While Sadie snagged a position at the Sheetz, there are also other places hiring.

"This is the ideal summer job to me I think," said Cameron Pardo. He's a second year lifeguard at Splash Cove in Memorial Park in Williamsport.

"So this year there are a lot of people working all day...which I'm not sure they are happy about that," he added.

Last season pool manager Kimberly Whittington -- who is better known as Miss Kim -- had nearly 30 guards at Splash Cove. This year? Only about 15.

"'s been crazy busy," she said. "This summer there seems to be a lifeguard shortage."

So...why the dive in applications?

"A lot of them find better paying jobs different things that they're doing. Like I said, it's an expensive course to take," she added. "You have to pay and sign up for a class I did it through the high school."

Miss Kim works with Williamsport Area High School -- students in the district can take the class at a discount.

"We try to keep the costs a little bit lower so that all of our students from all parts of the community are actually able to come in and try to take the course," she said.

If you don't have your lifeguard certification, the YMCA also offers group discounts at several of its locations in Central PA.



  • Apophis

    Why do you only go after teens to be lifeguards?

    How’s about having lifeguards that can be on watch into september instead of this “back to school exucse”?

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