Dispute Leads to Terroristic Threat Charges for Elderly Man in Schuylkill County

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NEW CASTLE TOWNSHIP -- A dispute over loud music in Schuylkill County has led to charges against an elderly man from New Castle Township.

76-year-old Robert Woollam from just outside St. Clair is charged with making terroristic threats.

Police say Woollam was upset with the volume of the music being played in his neighbors' backyard, so he grabbed a rifle, pointed the weapon at a neighbor, and demanded the music be turned down.


  • Sheila

    Everyone feels bad for the elderly man and you don’t know the full story. If the man with the gun was arrested for this and not the neighbor playing music, than apparently the cops investigated the case and made the right decision. In any circumstance young or old, seems the young are to blame! Sometimes neighbors are just miserable all the time. Complain about every little thing. Never looking for positives in or around their lives. Always negative. Life is to short not to dance with the music.

  • El Ma

    Yep, pointing a rifle at someone is a no-no. But, it’s not a “terroristic threat,” by any stretch of the imagination. But, what the senior did was legally termed as, “Brandishing A Firearm.” “Terroristic Threat” is being bandied about with impunity and the ramifications of this outrageous “charge” can be life-altering. ANYTHING can be construed as a “terroristic threat,” these days.

    Perhaps, the neighbors that incited the incident bear some responsibility for irritating a senior citizen to the point where he felt that the only thing that would catch the people’s attention was by pointing a rifle at someone. I would be curious to know what the entire story was with this incident. Someone doesn’t just wake up, one day, to hearing loud music and decide that fetching their hunting rifle and pointing it at a neighbor is a great idea. This fellow had to have experienced this nuisance over, and over, and over until he finally lost his marbles over it.

  • wannabeinformed

    Pointing a gun is probably a bit too much, BUT I get it!!!
    Hope the old man can go home soon, and the JERK next door gets a hefty fine for harassment!!!

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