UPDATE: Charges Filed in Deadly Hit and Run Crash

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UPDATE: State police have filed charges against April Porreca, 31, of Greentown.

Porecca is being charged with homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence, aggravated assault by vehicle while driving under the influence, among other charges.

According to State Police, Porreca told them she didn't stop to help because she thought she hit a dead deer or a bag of trash.

Porreca was arraigned early Sunday morning. She is in the Wayne County jail with bail set at $25,000.

SALEM TOWNSHIP - State police in Wayne County are investigating a hit and run that left a man from Salem Township dead.

Troopers say the man was walking home after a night out near Hamlin when he was hit. They're now looking for the driver who took off.

The Wayne County coroner  confirms the victim in this morning's hit and run is Dan Gregorsky, 35,  of Salem Township.  Troopers say he was hit less than a mile away from his home near Hamlin.

After a stormy summer night, neighbors along Spudeno Road near Hamlin woke up to something far worse

"When my wife came out this morning, she seen a cop car stopped right around here someplace, and she come out to see what was going on. She come running back in and says, `my god there`s a body lays up there in the middle of the road," said Jack Stone of Salem Township.

Troopers say Gregorsky was hit between 2 and 4 am while walking along Spudeno Road after a night out at a bar and restaurant. The driver who hit him took off.

Neighbors say Gregorsky was found less than a mile from his home in the Buckingham Heights mobile home park. Next door neighbor Cindy Ehrgood saw the police activity early in the morning.

Ehrgood and her husband broke the terrible news to Gregorsky's father who showed up in the morning to drive his son to work. Gregorsky didn't have a car.

"He walked, he walked everywhere he went, ask him for a ride and he'd say, 'I'm fine, I can walk, I could use the exercise.'  He'd come over and just sit and talk," said Erhgood.

Troopers say the hit and run vehicle would have notable damage on its front. Neighbors on Spudeno Road say this small stone wall was damaged overnight, too. They think the driver may have swerved and hit it, either before or after hitting Gregorsky.

Anyone with information about the hit and run is asked to call State Police in Honesdale at 570-253-7126.


  • magicmikexxsm

    Its to bad this PO.S had to hit this poor guy..you should go to jail for a long time…..Pa has to up the penalty for a hit and run…you hit something you stop period.

  • Beedie

    It’s funny how people say that he was already hit … I don’t understand why people have to lie .. I am sorry Dan’s family for your loss … My whomever did this pay for it

  • Big Karma

    Sorry, but she is trash for leaving the scene of an accident. She was under the influence, but still knew she hit someone of something. Any person with integrity would stop and make sure. She and her family deserve to suffer. It won’t be nearly as close to what Dan’s family will have to deal with from here out. Pure trash.

  • white trash?

    Before I say anything r.i.p Dan. Instead of talking all this shit think for a minuet. Think about both family’s Dan’s and April’s. I know April and most of you don’t. Alot of you knew Dan some of us didn’t . April is not what everyone thinks she is. None of you know the real story. You will all know what happend sooner or later. Everyone makes mistakes. And for the person who said she was white trash bc of her tats take a look. Take a look and April’s tattoes aren’t junk. She has one of jesus and the names of her loved ones who passed. She has another one of a heart with horns which is a family thing. She has a message from her deceased mother + more. Most of the people who commented must have a tattoo. So apperently you guys are white trash bc u have tattoos. I’m not saying April did good i’m just pointing out the things you aren’t realizing. Keep your comments to yourself bc I don’t need it.

  • Girl from greentown

    As someone who knows both individuals, I can say to everyone who has made comments on here , that you are all immature and have no idea what you are talking about . Instead of bickering over nonsense, think about how serious this is, and how many lives are upset over this. Dan was a sweet guy, and his family is hurting right now… and so is April’s. This is a horrible sittuation, and yes April is at fault for making bad decisions that night, but she is not a bad person. If you ever met her you wouldn’t be calling her trash, and judging her for tattoos. Everyone needs to think of the families who Are hurting right now, and stop voicing opinons on something they know nothing about. I’ve unfortunately lost family members to drunk drivers too, and it hurts forever .

  • just someone

    REALLY? Name calling? Trying to belittle people? Bickering? Ignorant. Inconsiderate. There ARE details (that a small circle of people) know about the situation, that the news does not include, and has no reason to include. People are human and all humans make all kinds of mistakes and bad decisions. I’m certain everyone on here can think of more than one time when they made a bad decision. Be grateful that you got lucky. One individual has a family and is loved, but is likely going to jail now. One individual lost their life tragically and violently, who also has a family and is loved. Would have, should have, and could have, change nothing. Remember that when you are about to make your next bad decision, possibly your next post. Many people are sad and hurting right now. Many of them will read these posts. Both sides are experiencing pain, hurt and loss. Rest in peace Dan. Prayers go out to all involved.

      • J (@ds18301)

        How do you know she has a legal driver’s license? How do you know she is here legally? (oh yeah she doesn’t fit your profile of an “illegal”). Fact: the vast, vast majority of crimes in NEPA are committed by mericuns. Undocumented folks for the most part actually lay as low as possible so they can continue to eek out an honest life cleaning your toilets and doing other work that mericuns don’t want. (paying taxes the whole time — including social security which they will never get back). (Actually I can see that maybe you are angry because an “illegal” took that toilet cleaning job you wanted so badly). Your buddy Trump hires them all the time — big money saver!

  • Larry Stokes

    I love the cowards that post on this site. Call 911 if they encounter something of this nature instead of assisting. Same people that bash the police but the first to call them and have them bail them out when they are scared or can’t handle it. What a bunch of pussies!

    • Thomas

      Let me clear something up for the record before some idiot accuses me of being a coward that wouldnt stop to assist someone i just hit with my vehicle. Using your 2nd grade comprehension skills, you’ll notice i refered to “certain instances.” Hitting a pedestrian in a rural community is different then running over and injuring a scumbag anti american blm/liberal leftist protestor in Hazlewood Missouri thats blocking your truck from getting into the USPS distribution center.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, if you don’t know no why what’s going on the please get off of here. Also what did told the tattoo mean something to her and she isn’t gonna rot in hell so i mean just stop


  • Jake Smule

    She is guilty of TMT (Too Many Tattoos).
    If you are in doubt if a person is white trash just look for the tattoos and you can remove all doubt.

  • .

    Wow, a human being is dead and these are the conversations people are having? Can we all just pray for the family and friends of this man ( that I knew personally ). What a shame to see comments about how he possibly denied her at the bar or comparisions to another state… or better yet!!!! It’s okay if she didn’t get out because someone else got stabbed doing the right thing?! This poor man died alone and suffering… and for her own selfishness she drove away. She will rot in hell where she belongs.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    “There’s a body lays up there in the middle of the road”

    You’ve got to love the West Virginia dialect.

  • Nikki

    If you don’t know the whole facts then shut up. You only know what the media expresses and we know how they love to glorify crap

  • Laura

    Leave it up to drunk drivers what else is new couldn’t even stop to see if the man was alright what a coward things like this make me so mad disgusting jerks…

  • stay safe....stay home

    This is why I stay home at my trailer and drink. Wobbling along a road is no safer than driving drunk. Maybe even more dangerous. At least in a car you have a seatbelt surrounded by plastic, metal and a airbag.

    • Just a girl

      Yep. That’s the smart way. No injuries. No DUIs. The thing about alcohol is that it changes your entire body chemistry to the point where your body can’t get nutrition from food cause the enzymes in your body have changed and are now looking for alcohol to metabolize. It’s why alcoholics are alcoholics….because even if their mind is saying no their bodies are screaming for booze. They don’t teach that in school or the high schools. Read beyond the influence, great book.

      • Just a girl

        I wanna add that alcohol also changes your brain structure. It creates it own pleasure receptors. That’s yet another reason alcoholics are alcoholics. Just because you detox them doesn’t mean their body or brain chemistry has revert back to normal. That’s a process that takes times. That’s why relapsing is part of recovery. This one and done detox stuff is BS.

      • Roger Ebert

        It is such a pleasure to read posts like yours on this message board. You make sense and you know what you are speaking of. Thanks for your input.

      • Just a girl

        Your welcome. I come from a very long line of alcoholics, at least as far back as my great grandfather who died at age 93 in the 70’s. My grandmother stopped drinking when she was in her 60’s, my father never did and died from it at age 58. I use to have a problem w alcohol myself so I started researching and I found soberrecovery.com , which is a web recovery forum for all kinds of addictions. Membership is free, they have 163k members from all over the world. This website is a plethora of information and many people use it to get sober instead of or in conjunction w other recovery programs. I wish our youth knew what they were getting into when they take the plug outta the jug.

      • Enjoy Prison

        I’m in control of my own life, so I wouldn’t know about weak alcoholics.
        I guess it’s easy to fall back on the “I’m not responsible for my own actions” excuse?
        Cut me a break! There’s all sorts of help out there for addiction, if you want it.

    • Just a girl

      Yep, it’ll slow down once MMJ comes on the scene. Out in cali 34% of the millennials are dumping booze for weed. Pot is a substitute for alcohol, benzos and heroin.

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