Arrest Warrant Issued for Wilkes-Barre Stabbing, Victim Identified

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WILKES-BARRE -- Investigators have identified human remains found in an abandoned building in Wilkes-Barre as those of Ramon Torres, age 23.

His body was discovered Wednesday in the basement of this place on South Franklin Street.

Police believe Torres, who was reported missing in late April, died from multiple stab wounds.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Sean Talmadge, age 32. His nickname is "Juice."

He has been charged with criminal homicide in connection with the death.

Police say has no permanent address but is typically in the Wilkes-Barre area.


  • J (@ds18301)

    Wow! Finally after about 200 stories on these pages involving horrific acts by lily-white, kielbasa eating good ol’ boys and gals you finally found a brown face. Congrats! And as you can see below the racist rats celebrate! They can further their narrative that all crime is by “illegal aliens” (of which the story makes no mention) and NYC “transplants” (another euphemism for another race). The problem though is the brown face is the victim here and the assailant (statistically speaking) is likely to be another lily-white, good ‘ol boy.

    • Robert

      Transplants is putting in mildly, I’d prefer aggressive invasive species.
      We build something nice, and next thing ya know your lawn is filled with weeds.
      I have no sympathy, and that’s just way it is.

  • Bill Cosby

    Why is the headline about the victim when the real news is there’s a stabber on the lose!? Someone stop this hashslinging slasher!

    • Just a girl

      If they weren’t drinking this would have never happened. Check out Nevada….they’re going recreational … very soon…..the language of the bill passed by the state , only allows businesses selling alcohol to have dispensaries for the 1st 18 months. Nevada officials responsible for the rollout of the MJ are thumbing their noses at that and are rolling it out to the businesses they approved. The Alcohol businesses tried to stop the rollout and got an injunction….. the state officials are ignoring that ruling.

    • Josh

      First of all, Torres is the victim and your lack of compassion for the loss of a HUMAN (not black, not white, not hispanic…a person.) life is disgusting.
      Secondly, isn’t this blatant disregard for a life you guys claim illegals are guilty one of the main contentions in your argument for stronger boarder control (which I fully support, by the way. Just not the way our President proposes)?
      You, and people like you who try to dress racism up as patriotism are what’s wrong with this country.
      Respect Existence
      Expect Resistance

      • think positive

        What’s wrong with this country, is when people, with no fear of God or man, do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it, regardless of who is nearby, whether it be a 99 yr. old, or a 1 yr old,…and regardless of who will be hurt or affected by their thoughtless actions. They just don’t care, or they would learn how to behave civilly, and walk away.

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