Third Crash Not Charming South Scranton Neighbors

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SCRANTON -- The third time is definitely not the charm for a home in Scranton. Three times in the last year vehicles have slammed into the place.

The woman who lives in the apartment and neighbors say enough is enough.

Ann Marie Midgely says she woke up to a loud crash Thursday morning coming from her 4-year-old son's bedroom.

"What it actually was, was his toy bow flying from one corner, over his bed, to the other corner of the room. And then I just called 911, couldn't get the front door open, and when I did, I just see a car in the foyer there, like I said, unfortunately, the norm," said Midgely.

The norm because Midgely says this is the third time that a crash on Prospect Avenue and River Street has hit her first-floor apartment since she moved in last spring.

She says drivers going down River Street tend to roll through the stop sign.

"A lot of people who are in the area here will slow down, coming up Prospect, they'll slow down because they know it's a bad intersection. But those who aren't too familiar, or just don't care because we have a lot of speeders on the road as well, will just continue right through."

After this latest crash, the Scranton Police Department says it will request that the city engineer do a traffic study about this intersection. That traffic study would include compiling police reports of all the recent crashes here

Tom Crane has lived in the building for 14 years. He's among the neighbors who think the intersection needs four stop signs.

"I think they should do something about it," said Crane. "They can't move the house. It will cost a lot more to rip the house down, you know what I mean, than to put a stop sign in."

Midgely says of the three crashes that hit her apartment, this latest one has left the most damage. She's hoping for some solution before something even worse happens.

"Hopefully we're going to get some beams up along the porch here as a railing, hopefully. If not, I'm out of here. I can't do this no more."

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